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3 Misconceptions You Should Stop Believing in 2021 To Scale To Consistent 6-7 Figure Months

I’m sure you’ve already heard the news of the Apple vs Facebook war with the iOS 14.

Many dropshippers are terrified of what’s going to happen to dropshipping in 2021.

For many, 2020 hasn’t been the most amazing year.

(For those who were smart enough to start selling products such as home workouts or work from home materials, what color lambo did you buy?)

So will 2021 be even worse?

Will the term “dropshipping is dead” actually be true this time?

Well of course not, dropshipping is no different from any other businesses.

It’s all about adapting and overcoming challenges.

But besides iOS14, there’s actually something more dangerous than it….

And if you want to scale to 6 & 7 figure months in 2021, you need to stop believing in these 3 misconceptions immediately. 

The 3 Misconceptions Holding Dropshippers Back From Achieving Consistent 6-7 Figure Months

(Plus, how you can solve them with automated solutions)

  1. “I’m not lucky enough to find winning products consistently”

Ever experienced a “winning product dry spell”?

Testing products after products, sometimes for months…

Not able to find a single product, while others are just crushing it, flaunting their 7 figure screenshots on Facebook groups.

And you just lie on your bed at night, thinking “What’s the secret to finding winning products?” or “Is dropshipping for me?” or “Why the hell am I so unlucky?”

You see, most beginner dropshippers think that finding winning products is all about luck. 

But after working with and helping many dropshippers scale to consistent 6 figure months, here’s what we notice:

Top dropshippers don’t rely on just luck alone to find winning products. 

Sure, luck does play a small part in dropshipping. 

Sometimes you get lucky, stumble upon a winning product and scale to 6-7 figures with just one product.

But as winning products tend to die very quickly (especially once your competitors start swiping and copying your stuff…)

Your revenue will drop back down again quickly as it dies.

And if you’re unable to find another winning product fast enough, then you will start seeing periods of very low to zero revenue.

This is why many dropshippers’ revenue (and their mood) tend to fluctuate wildly like a roller coaster.

But for top dropshippers who are able to consistently hit 6-7 figures month after month…

They don’t just depend on luck alone, which is something they can’t control.

Instead, they focus on what they can control.

They “make” their own luck.

And they do so by launching as many high quality products with great creatives as they can each week. 

Because the truth is, most dropshippers (even top ones) can’t accurately predict which product is going to be a winner.

Sure, there are some dropshipping gurus who are extremely skilled and high level that they can identify winning products much better than others…

But for the rest of us who are not blessed with this talent…

The only way to find winning products faster, is to launch more high quality products each week and let the revenue numbers reveal the winner.

That’s why instead of having goals like “find and scale 3 winning products per week” – a goal which cannot be controlled…

Top dropshippers set goals they Can control like “launching X number of products per week”.

Just to give you a look at what top dropshippers are doing:

One of our clients is currently testing 8 high quality products per day (With a huge big team of course).

And another with a smaller team, is doing around 3-5 a day consistently with great creatives, copy and offer. 

Even with a 1-2% hit rate, they’re still able to consistently find winning products.

(Remember, dropshipping is a numbers game, the more products you’re able/can afford to test, the higher chance you’ll find a winning product.)

How do they do this? 

How are they able to launch so many products when most dropshippers struggle to launch just 7-10 products a week?

They’ve automated their product launch process to run without them! 

Meaning, the business owners themselves are NOT involved in the product launches at all.

Seems impossible but…

There are a lot of tasks that can actually be systemized and delegated to others.

Basically “automating” the entire process to run without the business owners, while still hitting multiple winners each week. 

You probably already know this:

Every task from copywriting, graphic designing, product research, video editing, digital marketing, media buying, etc…

They can all be turned into systemized SOPs and processes, and delegated to Superstar VAs to run them for you.

In fact, up to 90% of the dropshipping operations can (and should) be run without you…

While still hitting multiple winners every month.

Instead, you should be focused on revenue-generating tasks like scaling current winning products to 6-7 figures or…

Dealing with new platform changes or…

Thinking up new strategies to bring the business to the next level.

These are all high-impact tasks that are much harder to systemize or delegate. 

They require more experience, skills and critical thinking so it’s much more challenging to delegate these things. 

This is why they are usually done by you, the business owner.

These revenue-generating tasks tend to require a lot more time, mental energy and space to think.

But if you spend hours every day being involved in these tasks that can be delegated, you won’t have enough time nor energy left over to focus on the more important revenue-generating tasks.

How to tell if a task should be delegated?

If a task can be: 

(A) Systemized and documented into a step-by-step SOP

(B) Optimized so that it’s efficient and easy to be delegated

(C) Have a large pool of VAs (not only a small group of niche specialists) to pick from to delegate the work to…

Then this is a task worth delegating.

Once you systemize, optimize and delegate these tasks, your entire product launch process is now automated.

  1. “You’re one media buying strategy away from scaling to 6 figure months”

Don’t get me wrong… 

Having great media buying strategies can definitely help you scale your winning products faster and quicker. 

But don’t fall into the mindset trap that you need better media buying strategies.

Many dropshippers end up jumping from one strategy to another…

Chasing after the next “shiny object”…

Instead of focusing on the more important things….

Like finding more and better products and testing more consistently.

Here’s the thing:

When you find a great winning product with high quality creatives, you will find that scaling becomes much easier.

Higher CTR…

Higher Conversion Rates…

Maybe even higher AOV…

(Sometimes even with just broad targeting, you will be able to scale your winners profitably).

This is why it’s important to focus on testing new products consistently.

And then focus on coming up with great creatives for higher ROAS.

Better still, automate the whole thing so that it will run without you.

So instead of constantly testing and tweaking your media buying strategies…

Focus on coming up with more high quality products with great creatives. 

That will make testing and scaling your campaigns much easier.

  1. “You’re the owner. You must be involved in the business daily. Make sure everything runs smoothly. You’re the best person for the job. If not you, then who?”

One of the common patterns we see among our clients when they first came to us is that they were doing everything themselves

Even tasks like product research…

Even when they had a team of product researchers!

But because they view product research as such an important role in dropshipping, our clients feel like they have to do it themselves too.

Or perhaps they don’t trust their product researchers to do a good job.

If this sounds like you – you need to stop.

Product research is important, but it is another “maintenance” task that can be systemized and delegated away.

With the right processes and SOPs in place, you can have a team of product researchers finding quality products that would meet your standards.

If you find yourself being involved not only in product research, but also other elements of the product launch process…

You may be suffering from what we call the “Superhero Syndrome”.

Superhero Syndrome is a condition in which someone thinks that they must be involved in every single task. 

It is either they think that others are not as good as them…

Or they don’t trust other people to get the job done for them. 

The business simply cannot move without them being involved in the process.

This is the most dangerous in dropshipping, as you end up being the bottleneck that prevents your business from scaling faster. 

When you suffer from the superhero syndrome, you end up being involved in both maintenance and revenue-generating tasks.

  • Your focus is split everywhere
  • You are always close to burning out
  • You find yourself lacking time to do everything on schedule

One of the best ways to get around this?

Hire a project manager or operations manager that can manage all the maintenance tasks and the team for you…

Essentially this project manager will make sure your team is hitting the KPI and helping you to problem-solve challenges and bottlenecks…

Without you needing to be involved in the process.

So you get to focus more time and energy on revenue-generating tasks.

At our agency, we help our clients fulfill this role by providing our clients with an Atomatic Business Manager (ABM).

An ABM is like an operations manager or COO in the company…

Someone who will manage their team, and make sure that everyone is performing well and hitting their KPIs.

An even more important responsibility is that ABMs will ensure that all systems within the business are continuously optimized and updated.

This will allow all team members to get better, more efficient, and more effective, and the business owners will free up a huge chunk of their time.

If you don’t have an operations manager or COO, then you should consider investing in one as it can free up 90% of your maintenance tasks while you focus on scaling your winners.

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Dropshipping Business Earthquake, after one of the dropshipping tools Shopmaster shut down. Oberlo is shutting down too. Dropshippers have to find alternatives.

Oberlo Is Shutting Down – What Are the Best Alternatives to Oberlo?
CJ Dropshipping
May 17, 2022
Oberlo Is Shutting Down – What Are the Best Alternatives to Oberlo?
What should dropshippers do?
What are the best Oberlo alternatives?
1. DSers
2. CJ Dropshipping
3. NicheDropshipping
4. Spocket
5. Printify
Today we got breaking news for dropshippers. Oberlo, one of the most well-known apps on Shopify will officially close its entry on June 15th, 2022.

Oberlo has been a successful dropshipping app. It provides a convenient method for store owners to fulfill orders with AliExpress.

Among all the various dropshipping apps on the market, Orberlo has got a great reputation in the community. It has helped countless people become successful entrepreneurs.

However, the sites will officially shut down on June 15th. For the people who are currently on a paid Oberlo subscription plan, they can cancel it now and get a refund.

What should dropshippers do?
There are many possibilities for Oberlo to make such a decision. And shutting down the Oberlo app doesn’t mean the Oberlo company is going to shut down.

We will talk about this topic in our latest articles and share some insights about the dropshipping industry in the short future.

For now, Oberlo will shut down soon. If you are one of the entrepreneurs who have been using Oberlo, you need to think about what to do next and find a solution for the incoming event as soon as possible.

In this article, we will present some best dropshipping sites as alternatives for Oberlo. If you wish to take this challenge as an opportunity with a new service provider, this is the chance.

If you are not using Oberlo, the event may also lead you to some deep thoughts about the industry. In case your current supplier or service provider got the same situation in the future, preparing in advance is always a good choice.

What are the best Oberlo alternatives?
1. DSers
On the official Oberlo FAQ page, Oberlo has suggested the users migrate to a trusted Shopify partner, DSers.

DSers is a dropshipping app that provides multistore management. You can use it to manage most dropshipping platforms such as Shopify, Wix, and Woocommerce.

Just like Oberlo, DSers allows you to sync orders from your store to AliExpress and then fulfill the orders in a more convenient way.

Also, you can use DSers to source the products on AliExpress. Instead of sourcing products on your own, using DSers will save you a lot of time to locate the specific product you want among the massive category.

In addition, DSers is also available for data transferring from Oberlo. If you wish to migrate your Oberlo account data to DSers, you can do it directly on the Oberlo admin home page.

What makes DSers unique?
Good Chrome extension
Multiple store order manage
Optimizing sourcing time
Allow data migration from Oberlo
Good chrome extension
Still, DSers is not the best choice if you wish to save your budget and justify the cost. This is because if you want to fully use the functions of DSers to manage more than 3 stores, you will need to subscribe to the paid plan first.

2. CJ Dropshipping
CJ Dropshipping is a one-stop dropshipping platform that provides a complete Dropshipping service.

The service of CJ dropshipping covers sourcing, shipping, order management and even filming ad videos.

CJ Dropshipping has both features of Oberlo and AliExpress, you can find products that come from various international suppliers at cheap prices on the site. By using this sourcing feature, you can easily find better suppliers different from AliExpress.

If you need some information about the recent trendy products or best-selling products, you can also explore the trendy products recommendation columns on the CJ Dropshipping site. Every season there will be brand new innovative products for you to choose from.

Besides, the overall shipping time of CJ Dropshipping is faster than AliExpress suppliers. This is because many suppliers on CJ Dropshipping got their own international warehouses.

Also, if your business volume is big, you can actually have your own private inventory in CJ warehouses. Then your orders can be shipped out within 1 to 2 days.

If you are not only looking for a store integration service provider but also suppliers with better prices, CJ Dropshipping will be a good choice for you. Unlike other paid-to-use platforms, most functions on CJ Dropshipping are completely free to use.

What makes CJ Dropshipping unique?
Free sourcing for better suppliers
Trendy products recommendation
Faster shipping time than AliExpress
International warehouses
Bulk order management
Various extended services (POD, Photography)
3. NicheDropshipping
Niche dropshipping is a site that combines sourcing agents and dropshipping suppliers. You can find various product collections on their site just like searching for products on AliExpress.

When you want to search for any products with better quality or price, you can directly consult the agents of NicheDropshipping to find the product you want.

If some products got higher prices than you expected, you can also negotiate with the agents. Agents of Niche dropship are also professional in getting the best quotation from the suppliers.

Besides, Niche Dropshipping got international warehouses in both China and the USA. So if your market is in the US and you wish to optimize the processing time of the products, you can also choose to bulk purchase the products to stock in their USA warehouse. Once products are stocked in the USA, shipping and processing time can be amazingly fast.

In addition, the photography service is available if you wish to see the actual quality of the products. You can also request photos or videos for advertisement usage. But keep in mind this service is paid, the cost will depend on your request content.

What makes NicheDropshipping unique?
Free product sourcing quote
China & USA warehouses
Automated dropshipping service
Photography service
4. Spocket
Spocket is a high-rated dropshipping platform that allows you to connect with suppliers all over the world.

Most of the suppliers on Spocket are from the USA & the EU. This special feature makes it an excellent tool to search for products within the US and the EU.

The best thing about domestic suppliers is the shipping time. If you buy products from domestic suppliers, shipping will only need takes 2-5 days to deliver. This is why international warehouses are also recommended by other dropshipping platforms

Still, the limitation of domestic suppliers is the product variety. If your wish to expand your business, you will need to explore more international supplier platforms.

If your target market is in the US or in the EU, Spocket is a great choice for you to find the supplier you prefer to work with.

What makes Spocket unique?
Available US & EU suppliers
High-quality products with samples
Winning products recommendation
Support multiple platforms (Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix)
5. Printify
POD (Print on demand) is a special major category among all different kinds of products. When we talk about POD products, Printify must be the top to mention. It is also a dropshipping site that specialized in integrating POD suppliers.

On Printify, you can source a wide range of customizable products including hoodies, accessories, T-shirts, and so on.

Wish to see the effect picture? You can simply upload the picture to the platform then the editor will automatically generate an example picture.

Still, not all the products are customizable and some products are only customizable if you have a large order quantity. Many suppliers require MOQ (minimum order quantity) to provide customization services. And of course, it’s not free.

So if you are running a general store with various product categories, Printify may not be the best option.

If you are looking for customizable products or wish to brand your products with store logos, you check out Printify to make your own products.

What makes Printify unique?
Specialized in POD products
Wide range of customizable products collection
No extra charges except product and POD fee
Simple editor for designers
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