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How does CJ Work? What is CJ’s IOSS Policy? … Get ALL ANSWERS on CJ’s Live Talk!

CJ’s live talk hosts, Demi and Eva, answered tens of questions posted by dropshippers during the one-hour live talk. Click to watch the full version of the recording!

On June 30, CJ launched its first live talk to help the audience solve the problems that occurred in dropshipping. From basic questions for beginners: “How does CJ work?” and “What’s the difference between list and connect?”, to questions for more tact users, like European’s VAT rules, CJ’s live talk hosts, Demi and Eva, answered tens of questions posted by dropshippers during the one-hour live talk.

Let’s take a brief look at a few questions:

Q: What kind of stores are available to integrate into CJdropshipping?


CJ has integration with Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, Lazada, and Shopee.

Personal websites can be integrated via API.  

Q: How to get CJ support?


Help Center: to understand features and operations on CJ platform better.

Chatroom: click or “Talk with Human” to get our 24 hours agent.


Still want to know more? Check here to watch the full version of the recording:

Here are the time stamps that may help you:

    👉00:00 – Intro
    👉03:55 – How does CJ work? 
    👉05:40 – What is product sourcing?
    👉06:48 – What are the movements from CJ to handle the IOSS?
    👉09:54 – Do you supply to multiple countries?
    👉11:32 – Can CJ provide any items that we need?
    👉12:14 – Why can’t I receive the emails from CJ?
    👉13:34 – Can I get product videos from CJ?
    👉15:00 – What is CJ’s processing time?
    👉16:00 – How to avoid an oversized shipping charge?
    👉17:27 – Can products be placed automatically from CJ to Amazon?
    👉18:43 –  What kind of platforms are available to integrate?
    👉19:30 – Can CJ source from Alibaba and take professional pictures?
    👉21:01 – Does CJdropshipping have mentors to help with building stores?
    👉21:48 – Why it takes too much time to deliver?
    👉23:52 – How much does the logo service(POD service) cost?
    👉25:12 –  Does CJ really have warehouses in the US?
    👉27:01 –  Why most of the products don’t have delivery to Malaysia?
    👉28:27 – How can I know if CJ has a product in stock or do I need to order it? 
    👉29:15 – Can I search for products by the specific warehouse on CJ’s website?
    👉29:47 – Why can’t the German warehouse ship to neighboring countries?
    👉30:51 – How can I find the winning products on CJ’s website which are indicated in the videos?
    👉32:00 – What’s the difference between “‘list” and “connect”?
    👉33:14 – Are all products listing on CJDropshipping going through any quality checking process?
    👉34:48 – Do We need to make a store on Shopify and then take products from CJ website?
    👉36:23 –  What does CJ branding do?
    👉37:12 – How long does it take to ship custom items like jewelry?
    👉38:13 – Are there any free alternatives to Shopify?
    👉39:22 – How can I find winning products? I want to start dropshipping with CJ.
    👉40:15 – How long does it take to make a single custom item for one customer?
    👉41:47 – Are there any food products available in CJ?
    👉42:13 – Who is Andy Chou?
    👉42:24 – How fast is CJPacket shipping speed? 
    👉43:20 – Are toys figures going to be removed from CJ? 
    👉44:08 – How to Generate an invoice for the order on CJ?
    👉45:17 – Can CJ source products on the other websites like DHgate or Banggood?
    👉46:15 – Why is Shoppee Singapore not supported by CJ dropshipping?
    👉47:03 – How to calculate shipping cost from China to the US? 
    👉48:14 – Can CJ source product from the US factory?
    👉50:35 – What if the products have IP infringement risks? How will CJ deal with it?
    👉51:15 – Can I source a particular product to the US warehouse?
    👉52:18 – Is there any limit to sourcing products in a month?
    👉52:45 – What happens to production during Chinese New Year?
    👉54:13 – Where can I find the newest Chinese product?
    👉54:48 – How to cope with the time difference?
    👉56:03 – Will CJ set up a Singapore warehouse for Shopee Singapore in the near future?
    👉57:14 – Do we need to top up our account in CJ first or just need to pay when checkout?
    👉58:36 – Who has to pay if I use CJ IOSS number?

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