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How To Hire Virtual Assistant For Shopify Dropshipping Business In Philippines?

When you start out with your business, you do everything by yourself. However, you will start getting overwhelmed as your business grow and it will be time to consider hiring a virtual assistant to help you get the job done. Then you will be able to spend your time focusing on the things that help grow your business more.

There are a large number of virtual assistants working for dropshipping in the Philippines and people from the Philippines are awesome to work with. Hiring Drop Shipping Freelancers in the Philippines is also quite affordable as compared to a full-time employee and you can save up to 50% in business cost. The article will introduce what is a virtual assistant, why to hire a virtual assistant and how to hire a virtual assistant as well as 5 best places to find virtual assistants in the Philippines.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (VA) are generally self-employed professionals who can help you with your day to day tasks on your online store remotely from a home office. A virtual assistant can work independently on a wide range of tasks, such as competitor or product research, customer service requests, video edit, data entry, store management, and other financial tasks. And while they aren’t permanent employees, they offer an affordable way to get ongoing help running your business without any of the additional expenses of hiring a full-time person. There are two types of the virtual assistant, the general virtual assistant who can take on the daily tasks and processes and the specialized assistant who has a very specific skill set and is better suited for owning or overseeing a very specific process in your business.

Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistant

  • Free up your precious time

As your business begins to grow, if you hire degree qualified virtual assistants from places like the Philippines, you don’t need to to be wasting your time or energy on things that don’t demand your attention. Virtual assistants will do a variety of tasks for you and you will have more time to focus on the necessary tasks which will help you to grow your business, activities that add significantly more value to your business and the more important aspects of running a business. You will also have personal time to have a work-life balance.

  • Savyour business money

For virtual assistant can work remotely from a home office, you don’t need to rent a physical office which can be quite expensive. This enables you to start building your team while keeping your expenses low. With the exception of a few software tools for communicating and managing your virtual staff, the primary cost of hiring virtual staff is the amount you pay for their time. And the salary of virtual assistants is quietly affordable for they are paid by hours. Furthermore, their hourly rate may be significantly lower than what a local employee would cost you. A Virtual Assistant in the Philippines will typically cost less than half of what a Virtual Assistant in North America costs for the same tasks and responsibilities. You can pay them as little as $3 an hour to do the tasks for you.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Here are 4 steps you can follow to hire a Virtual Assistant:

Step 1: Document the tasks before you outsource it

You should start by making a list of all the tasks and processes that you plan to delegate to your Virtual Assistant and creating guidelines for them to follow. One of the keys to effective delegation is anticipating common obstacles and offering advice on the best course of action to take. Write these out as conditional rules: “IF X happens, THEN do Y”. You should also consider the tools and platforms you use throughout the process. If you’re hiring a Specialized Virtual Assistant, you can directly document the outcomes you want them to accomplish.

Step 2: Write a job description online

After you list the tasks to delegate, you’ll need to write a job description that can attract someone with the skills and qualities you need to be responsible for these tasks. Then you post it online and start accepting applications.

Your job description should include:

  • Background information about your business, such as the scale of your business, your industry, what you sell, and who your customers are.
  • A specific list of the tasks, duties, and responsibilities they’ll be performing for you.
  • The apps, tools, or software they’ll be using.
  • Language requirements.
  • Past education, experiences that will make them successful.
  • The keywords that prospective hires might be searching for, such as “customer service”.

Step3: Review applications & schedule interviews

Once you’ve posted your job description, you can reach out to prospects or invite virtual assistants to apply to your job posting. You can also review the applications. Then schedule video interviews with the top 5-10 candidates that come through the application. As you interview each candidate, try to understand their values, goals, strengths, experiences, and how they work. Then choose the top 3 candidates to give them a task to complete as a test. Pick a type of task that would be a part of their regular responsibilities that the result will help you determine who the top candidate is.

Step4:Hire your virtual assistant

Choose the best candidate for the job to hire, and start them off on a trial period. And have them sign a formal Service Agreement to avoid any discrepancies in the future.

5 Best Places To Find Virtual Assistants

For most start-up businesses, hiring a virtual assistant from a trusted resource is the best way to go. Many studies show that the Philippines have surpassed India when it comes to outsourcing recently. The Philippines is a great place to find virtual assistants and freelancers with good to excellent spoken and written English language skills. And more and more businesses, regardless of the size, are hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines due to cheaper labor cost and higher work ethics.

Here are the best 5 places to find the right virtual assistants:

1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular and trusted freelance job websites. It has a good number of freelance virtual assistants, based on requirements and tasks and you’ll definitely find a great variety of virtual assistants here who are specialized in various different fields. Upwork’s platform is good for tracking ongoing work performed but it comes with sometimes annoying fees. The current fee structure requires you to pay 2.57% of the billed hours.

2. Virtual Staff Finder

Virtual Staff Finder was founded by Chris Ducker in 2010. It works like a recruitment service for you where they match your requirements to a qualified virtual assistant from the Philippines. You will be charged a one time fee of $495 upon signing up for the service. And they will help you find three qualified candidates according to your job description document. You will be free from the worries of the hiring process.

3. Task Bullet

Task Bullet has offices based in California, USA, and Manila, the Philippines. And it utilizes Filipino professionals to help your business with tasks. It claims to always have job openings for virtual assistants. They include part-time, full-time and project-based. Task bullet will assign you to customers based on your skills.

4. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent connects virtual assistants and clients with efficiency and finesse. It’s a free directory for companies looking for remote talent across the globe. This free platform displays a candidate’s hourly rate, skills, experience, availability, resume, and languages spoken. Virtual assistants also have the option to add a short “about” description to provide more information. You can search a talent through Hubstaff talent by filter or keywords.


Online founded by John Jonas is a huge database of Filipino virtual assistants and a great place to find ongoing virtual assistants who will be undertaking customer service, product description writing or other content creation. You can also find freelancers for a range of web development work. It started as a simple job board for friends and grew into a huge network matching talented virtual assistants to remote jobs from all over the world.

Shopify provides staff accounts and the number of available staff accounts varies according to your plan. Staff accounts are useful and will help to determine what your virtual assistants can and can’t do as well as restrict access to many things.

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