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How to Place DropShipping Orders to CJ Dropshipping? (Updated on 7th October 2020)

We will be going over how to import store orders to CJ Dropshipping for fulfillment. Generally, there are two ways to import orders, one is done automatically, the other is done manually.

How to Place Automatic Orders

If you run an eCommerce store like Shopify, eBay, Woocommerce, etc. You should use the automatic order processing feature. First, authorize the online store in CJ Dropshipping so that we can have the permission to read the needed data. CJ is currently supported for authorization with Shopify, eBay, Woocommerce, Shipstation, Lazada and Shopee 6 types of store. For each store type, we have general and detailed authorization steps on each page. For Store types that are none on the above, you can authorize your store through the API key and check the detailed flow’s API document. 

After the authorization, the next thing is the product connection- match products in the store with those on the CJ platform. This allows CJ to identify the products from store orders when these have set up orders. Only connected product’s orders in the online store will be automatically pulled into the process required tab. Click start to sync the latest orders, it will make sure all the latest orders will be sync to process required tab. When there are both connected and unconnected products in your orders, these will show up in incomplete orders. Suppose you want CJ to handle all the products. In that case, you can just complete the unconnected product connection, take the orders and click update. Then the order will move to the process required tab. If there still has unsynchronized order, tick here to enter your store order number for searching. It will show where the order is and how to fix it.

Suppose you have not decided how to deal with unconnected products. In that case, you can check the orders and click reprocess with unconnected kept or removed the list. If the list’s orders don’t match the tab’s total number, you can clear the start date to show all the past orders.

How to Place Manual Orders

 If you don’t have any online stores, you will need to import excel orders or create orders. You could first add products to the SKU list from the product page, then download an excel template to fill in the necessary information and re-upload. In the excel template, the first line is the store order number. But if you don’t have a store, you could always enter any order number as long as it makes sense for you. The second line is the detailed product SKU in the CJ platform. Note: for products that have variants, make sure the variant is included in the SKU. For products that have no variants, make sure the default is included behind the SKU number. For POD products, please make sure pictures or text have properly filled in. If all the information is correct, your orders will appear at the process require tab after the uploading. But if anything is wrong, the orders will be left in the draft, you will need to revise the field with a red line and submit it again. Or you could upload manual orders by checking out “create orders” and fill in all the necessary information.

When orders are in process required tab, tick and add them to the cart. You can confirm your orders are in the cart and make a payment by clicking here. Once payments have been received, we will begin to process your order.

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