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How To Write Copywriting? —–《The Adweek Copywriting Handbook》

About The Author

Joseph Sugarman: The author of the best-selling book The Power of Success, known as the legend of copywriting. His advertisements have made countless customers willingly take out their wallets. His JS&A catalogue was once the largest direct mail catalogue in the United States dedicated to space age products. He has held seminars on copywriting in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.

About The Book

Sugarman led the readers through the writing process of the entire copy, from the beginning to study the products and markets, to the creative writing, and finally to the polished work. He explained the main factors that made the wonderful copy and explored the emotional incentives that prompted consumers to buy. Sugarman gave you all the skills and tools you need to write an effective copywriting copy that is as good as him. It is these excellent works that have brought him fame and wealth.

1. Common Logical Process

Give an example: Fireball

Start with:

The person who wants to fight against the computer is yourself. And by manipulating your own electronic pinball machine, Fireball, the passion you experience will never be dull.

The Fireball’s built-in computer replaces many mechanically-scoring electronic devices and standard pinball machine sensing devices. This is a great change in the history of pinball equipment, and it is the beginning of a consumer revolution in electronic products.

2. Copywriting Axiom

For the axiom 2,

A print ad will have the following elements:

  • Title: Get your attention and lead you to the subtitle.
  • Subtitle: Give you more information and further explain the title that caught your eye.
  • Image: Attract your attention and fully explain the product.
  • Copywriting: The main message that conveys a product or service.
  • Paragraph title: Divide the copy into several parts to reduce the sense of oppression.
  • Trademark: The name of the product company.
  • Price: Let the reader know the price of the product or service.
  • Feedback method: Provide readers with a feedback path, usually at the end of the text.
  • Overall design: Other design elements present the overall look of the ad.

When you see a print ad, you may be attracted by the title, subtitle, and image, then read the copy and then notice the other information. When you look at the entire ad, you’ll notice the paragraph layout and the beautiful layout.

For the axiom 7,

When people think about problems, they always look for solutions from past perspectives. However, breaking the mindset is necessary.

For the axiom 9,

Copywriting requires more than just skill and emotion.

  • Emotional Principle 1: Every word contains emotions, and each word tells a story.
  • Emotional Principle 2: Every good advertisement is an emotional expression of words, feelings and impressions.
  • Emotional Principle 3: Selling products with emotions and interpreting purchases with rationality.

Promotional words for millet scales:

“100 grams, a cup of water can be perceived with precision.”

What is the concept of 100 grams? Can you measure it?

But with a glass of water you can know exactly what kind of concept it is.

3. Writing Step

Step 1: Become an expert on the product or service you plan to sell.

Step 2: Know your target customers.

Step 3: Write your title and subtitle.

Step 4: Write a draft of the copy.

Step 5: Edit the copy, browse the spelling of the copy, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.

Step 6: Brew, stop editing, do some other things.

Step 7: Modify the refinement and improve the molding.

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