The Little Known Deadly ☠️ “Secret” That’s Holding Dropshippers Back From Scaling To 7 Figure Months


Every dropshipper knows that the best way to scale a dropshipping store is by increasing the number of products you test each week.

The more products you’re able to test, the higher the chance of finding multiple winning products. 🧠

And the more winning products you’re able to find, the faster you’re able to scale up your ecom business…

And the easier it is to hit 7 figure months consistently 🙂

This is why the 6-7 figure dropshippers usually build great VA teams to help them test as many products as possible each day, from product research, to video editing, to copywriting and media buying.

Whereas a 5 figure dropshipper usually works on his own or only has a small team of 1-2 members to help them.

Whenever a 5 figure dropshipper finds a winning product, they focus all of their attention on that winning product, whereas a 7 figure dropshipper will scale the product, and continue testing more products to find even more winning products.

As we know, every product has a life-cycle, and if you only focus on 1 winning product, your business will die as soon as the product dies.

Even if you’re able to scale to 7 figure months previously, the moment your product dies, your revenue will fall back to zero. Until you’re able to find another winning product again.

But when you have multiple winning products scaling concurrently, you will be able to scale quicker, have a more stable stream of revenue, and use that cashflow to test even more products and scale your business to the moon.

So why are most dropshippers stuck at the 5 figure level❓

After working with and talking to many 6-7 figure dropshippers, what I’ve noticed is this:

Most of the time it’s NOT because of the ad strategy or the products they test… but it’s something called the “Superhero Syndrome”

What Is The Superhero Syndrome, And How Does It Prevent Me From Scaling To 7 Figure Months? 🤔

Put simply, the superhero syndrome is when someone thinks that he MUST do (or be involved in) every single task by him or herself…

Either because they think others are not as good as them or they don’t trust others to get the job done.

In other words, the business cannot “move” without them being involved in every single step of the process.

Because of this, they usually end up becoming the bottleneck…

Which limits the number of products they are able to test per week.

This is one of the BIGGEST things (and also the most dangerous) that prevents many dropshippers from scaling to 7 figure months.

How To Tell If You Have The Superhero Syndrome (And The Bottleneck Preventing You From Scaling Faster)

The easiest way and quickest way to identify if you have the superhero syndrome, is to ask yourself these 3 questions…

1️⃣ Are the systems and processes in your company built around you?

For example:

-(Does your team need to report back to you and get your approval for every single step of the process?

– Does your team need to get approval for every single step of the process of launching a new product, from product research, to copywriting, to video creation, to media buying?

2️⃣ Are you micromanaging your team?

– Are you interfering with their tasks and constantly trying to coach and teach them how to execute their roles better?

– Do you trust your team to complete their tasks without your help?

– Are you constantly teaching your product research team how to find products even though you have already given them a framework to follow?

3️⃣ Are you holding yourself back from hiring more people because you think that they will not do a better job than you?

– Are you reluctant to hire a VA to help out with writing product descriptions because you think that they do not have good copywriting skills?

– Are you afraid to hire product researchers because you think they won’t do as good a job as you?

If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then you likely have a superhero syndrome and it’s one of the biggest bottlenecks that’s stopping you from scaling to 6 or even 7 figures.

So How Do You Solve It?

➡️ 1. If your systems and processes in the company are built around you, that means that your team will not be able to launch a product without you giving approval every step along the way.

If you are doing this, you are very likely the bottleneck of the business.

The business will not be able to operate with you in it and you will never be able to take a day off from work.

✅ Do this instead: Create systems and processes that do not require you to be inside at all, and importantly, ensure that the system can still work even if you scale from testing 1 product a day to over 20 products a day.

It’s extremely important to have the foresight of scaling when creating such processes.

Afraid that your team might not do a good job or up to the standard you want?

🔥 At our Operations agency, one of the ways we help dropshippers to scale 3x faster without them being the bottleneck is this:

⚙️ We create for them a system with an automatic feedback loop and scorecard metrics that their team can use to self-evaluate whether they are doing a good job that is up to your expectations.

This helps them to know whether they are performing well based on a set of criteria you set for them while improving their skills at the same time with the continuous feedback loop.

From there, we continue to optimize and improve this system so that the team can get better faster automatically.

While this system may sound simple, the impact can be huge!

🤯 One of our clients was able to scale up his team from a 5-man team to a 30-man team in just 3 months…

And the best part?

We were able to extract him out from the system, which frees up his time by up to 80%.

This means more time to focus on scaling the business rather than working in the business (what every business owner should be doing)

➡️ 2.  If you are constantly interfering with your team’s work and micromanaging them, it’s very inefficient and reduces the pace at which your team can launch new products.

On top of that,

Not only will your team feel suffocated, but they will also feel like they’re not trusted by you, and in turn, create a bad working environment for the entire company.

This will affect morale and productivity and makes it harder for the team to hit their KPIs.

✅Do this instead: Select great team leaders, focus on training them, and allow them to lead the team.

This creates motivation and trust.

As minor as this may sound, whenever we help dropshippers to train up leaders and lead the team, we always see a big improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.

Pro tip: If your team is from the Philippines, it is encouraged to train someone from the Philippines to become the team leader. This allows for better communication and cultural understanding.

Second, create a good reporting and communication system.

The reason why most people tend to micromanage is that they are not aware of what’s happening in the company. This creates a lot of fear and no sense of control.

One solution is instead of using communication apps like Skype, Whatsapp or Telegram, use project management tools and apps like Monday, Asana, Slack, or ClickUp.

This allows you to have a clear view of what’s happening every step of the way in the company, without having to micromanage.

At our agency, we usually help our clients to set up Slack for communication, and Asana or Clickup for project management.

➡️ 3. If you’re holding yourself back from hiring more people, it’s most likely because you think that they will not do a better job than you.

Perhaps you’ve tried hiring someone and they turned out to be a nightmare.

It is not uncommon to have bad hires that randomly disappear or constantly fail to hit their KPI, but one way to reduce such hires is to have a good hiring system that filters out the potentially bad ones.

✅ At our agency, we help our clients to get great hires by using this S.A.R.V Framework:

Seriousness –  In my job posts, I would put in a simple question for them to answer. So, in my first interview, if they would have given the job post a serious read, they would know to answer me that question.

I would also give them an assignment/task that would take a maximum of 2 hours to complete, and let them have 4 hours to do so. These two tests would have helped me disqualify 80% of the bad hires.

Ability – You need someone capable enough to help you if you are hiring. By capable, I don’t mean people with experience. But people who have the ability to perform almost as well as you. If they are able to perform at least 70% of your standard from the tests that you give them, then they should be great candidates for the job.

Resourcefulness – One of the most important criteria is the ability to solve issues that arise within your business.

So what you want to do with the candidates is this:

Give them a scenario-based question, or ask them an open-ended question with no right or wrong answers (eg. What is more important to you, Wealth or Knowledge?), and get them to FAX their handwritten answers to you.

Yes, FAX their handwritten answers to you. This is one of the most important steps and the secret to helping our clients get great hires.

Here’s why it’s important: When you present to them a real-life problem to deal with that doesn’t have a straightforward answer, they would have to think of a way to be resourceful enough to fulfil your requirements.

Values – This is the final stage of our agency’s hiring process and the most important of all 4 stages.

Because if they uphold a different value system from you and your company, they won’t be able to fit into the company’s culture and will likely leave you eventually.

Whenever we onboard a new client, we would ask them what are the core values they would like their team to have.

Then, when we help them with the hiring, we will only accept hires who fit the values.

To understand what values the candidates have, we usually use scenario-based questions.

For example:

1. Is there anyone you met in your life that you really respect and admire him/her? What do you admire that person for?

2. Are there any instances you fell out with a friend or ex-colleague before? Could you share with me what happened?

The first question is to find out the characteristics or values that the candidate already has in them or is striving towards growing it within them.

The second question is to find out if the candidate lays blame on the other party without reflecting on themselves. If they do, then be wary. This is a good sign on how they are going to deal with problems when it happens in your company.

Ultimately, the answers you get from them must be something you or your company would accept.

Because no matter how good you think the values they uphold are, as long as you or your company is not aligned with those values, then the candidate will not be suitable for the job.

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