Why a Leadership Brand is a Must-Have

Why a Leadership Brand is a Must-Have

The digital revolution has paved the way for life and career coaching and personal development businesses to thrive.

Every aspiring leader must intentionally look for opportunities to help them discoveries their leadership and professional presence. In the leadership space, these are two of the most valuable resources you can have.

Having these in your arsenal already ups the ante of your brand. However, this can also make a leader be complacent and no longer strive to harness their potential. In order to make your success all that much concrete and visible, your leadership brand must be well-defined.

First thing about your journey is defining your leadership brand. A leadership brand relays your identity and expresses your uniqueness as a leader. Much like the brand positioning of a product, service, or company, a leadership brand conveys your “you-ness” or what makes you you

Keep in mind that if you have the improper leadership brand for the position you have or want to have, then you are not creating the impact it possibly could.

Say for example, you are a leadership coach and as a leader you want to be known for inspiring and coaching up confident and high integrity leaders. In this case, your leadership brand should focus on self esteem, trust, integrity, self-worth and truthfulness. 

That leadership brand will make you you-nique. And knowing your leadership brand allows you to promote your services to like-minded leaders or clients who are looking for that brand of leadership.

Your leadership brand should be strong, well established, and must promote all that’s enticing, special, beneficial, powerful and effective about your leadership for you to become known to your colleagues.

Having this well-defined leadership brand increases your value to the maximum. By identifying and cementing your leadership brand, you become more focused on which tasks, projects and initiatives to take on and which ones to let go. 

Establishing your leadership brand eliminates your distractions and helps you avoid being a jack of all trades but an ace of none.

Once you’ve identified your leadership brand, the next step to take is to exert all your effort to hone your brand and develop it to help reach its full potential. 

It is best to identify the following in the process of building your leadership brand:

Who Am I: The Kind of Leader I Want to be Known For

What you’re awesome at and what you’re known for has to reach an equilibrium for your leadership brand to be successful.

Carefully assess your qualities and traits and see if it matches how people know you. In most cases, it will match. If it doesn’t, then there’s a disconnect and that’s the reason why you haven’t been truly effective lately.

If you were to diagnose your company’s direction, what it wants to achieve in the next five years, and who are those people groups of people that you want to reach, what would your company look like? 

What would you be best known for? What are your strongest strengths? If you will be the top of mind in your market, what would it be for? 

You might already be a leader now, or in a position of influence that affects your company greatly. But basing on your effectivity or the reaction of your team, is there a need to change your leadership brand? 

What I Do: Having a Statement Leadership Brand

Turning a vision into a tangible statement converts your whole energy towards it and you become more invested in turning that vision into action.

The value of having a vision statement cannot be discounted. It helps your team actually see and “feel” the vision at work and helps fuel them because humans are primarily visual beings. 

The same goes for your leadership brand. Coming up with a solid, innovative, and actionable leadership brand helps you to make it into a reality. You can use this simple statement, because the simpler, the easier to communicate to your market:

When you are coming up with your statement leadership brand, make it real and inspirational, creative and concrete, attainable and innovative. 

How Am I Effective: Asserting and Embracing Your Leadership Brand

After you’ve laid out your leadership brand statement, it’s time to “concretize” or realize it. It’s a matter of taking the first few steps towards shifting your current leadership portfolio to fit the newly formed statement you have. 

Remember: it’s not a matter of how fast but how accurate. More often than not, people take a while to realize and identify who they are as individuals and as leaders. 

It also helps to get feedback from people to ensure that the leadership brand you advertise is embodied in your day-to-day work, check in with those around you. 

Lead to Succeed

In creating and solidifying your leadership brand, it’s important to note (and put to heart), that like everything else in this world, your branding is subject to change. 

It’s important to realize that your leadership brand must learn to evolve and be flexible to the ever-evolving culture. What may be in demand today may no longer necessarily be important in a few years from now. But at least the core or bedrock ideals and values should be timeless and non-negotiable. 

Isn’t it amazing how a simple one-sentence statement can change your leadership, your perspective, your impact, your success, and your life? How important leadership branding is and how it can steer the course of your leadership.

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