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Top 10 Q & A for Shopee and Lazada x CJDropshipping

Shopee and Lazada are the two most popular e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. We have many users from these two platforms and wishing to fulfill orders by CJ. However, there are many small issues when they were working with us. Here are the answers our top 10 frequently asked questions for Shopee or Lazada users.

Q: Which countries could we sell if I’m Shopee or Lazada owner and wishing to fulfill orders via CJ?

A: Shopee and Lazada have strict requirements for the timeliness of shipments generally in 2-5 business days, we recommended Thailand and Indonesia local site owners to use our platform to fulfill orders. Suppose you are an international site owner from Shopee and Lazada, especially a china site owner. In that case, you could still use our service. After our supplier project unlocks more warehouses in Asia, there will be more Shopee or Lazada owner could use our service.

Q: what’s the difference between the local site and international site?

A: Local site is only available for shipping in the local region. For example, suppose I have a Thailand local store. In that case, I can only sell my products from Thailand to Thailand, not Thailand to Indonesia or even other countries. But if my store type is international, then i don’t have this concern. I could sell my products to whatever countries Shopee or Lazada reach to. If there is the country abbreviation in the domain name of your site. That means your site is a local store in that country.

Q: How to change my site type from a local site to an international site?

A: The local site owner could contact the Shopee or Lazada manager. They will inform you of the details about the requirements, which will be quite different for everyone. After reaching the requirements, you can become a cross-border seller/international site owner.

Q: How to set a third party logistic?

A: you could set it at Shopee backstage of the shipping method for the third party logistic. If your store type is a local store and in your store backstage, and only have one shipping method available. In this case, you will need to contact Shopee custom service for applying a third party logistic.

Q: What are the available logistics methods for CJ’s Shopee and Lazada users?

A: You could check it at our shipping cost calculation by selecting your store type, the destination country and product information. In our shipping cost calculation, it will show the detail of available shipping method and costs. It will be CJ to Shopee/ Lazada Facility Thailand and CJ to Shopee/ Lazada Facility Indonesia, and CJ to Shopee/ Lazada Facility China. And here are the query methods of the platform designated logistics:







Q: If I use CJ as my supplier provider, which address should I use for the pickup address and return address?

A: For Thailand and Indonesia seller, you could set drop off instead of the pickup in backstage settings. Our warehouse colleague will drop off parcels to Shopee or Lazada collection point. And for the return address, you could fill your address as a return address. If using our warehouse address as a return address, there is a high chance of your store being blocked.

Q: If my store is located in Singapore or Malaysia, can I use CJ to fulfill my orders?

A: If your store type is an international site, you could use CJ to fulfill your orders from China warehouse by CJ to Shopee/ Lazada Facility China.

Q: How can I set it to pre-order in the Shopee site?

A: you could set it at Shopee backstage product page, click the product modify the page to adjust whether pre-order or not, and the pre-order date. Usually, when you were adding a new product, you could set the pre-order option. If you directly list a CJ product, it will show the pre-order option on the listing page. A little reminder: Shopee has restrictions for pre-order product percentage of the total product amount. Generally, the ratio is between 10%- 20% upon the region. For example, in Malaysia’s site, this ratio cannot exceed 10 percent.

Q: When I was listing products to our site, can I also change USD to local currency on my page?

A: yes, you could change the USD currency to local currency when you are listing it. And currently, we are only available to switch the currency to Thai Baht and Malaysian Ringgit. Other currencies are currently not supported but are still under development.

Q: CJ’s Thailand warehouse has products in stock, but I can’t place orders by creating orders or uploading excel form?

A: Our Thailand warehouse and Indonesia warehouse are only available for Shopee and Lazada two platforms. If you choose to fulfill orders from the Thailand warehouse, orders will need to be synced from Shopee or Lazada. These two warehouses temporarily do not support placing manual orders like creating orders or uploading excel forms.

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