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Top 5 Money Making Industry here in PH without Investment

1. Vlogging – Here in the Philippines, vlogging is very familiar for almost all of us. Maybe a lot of you are familiar with vloggers like Cong, JaMill, Lloyd Cadena, Ranz Kyle & Niana, Alex Gonzaga, and many many more to mention.

CongTV is an entertainment vlog that started in February 2008, and now he is earning up to 1.5M per month. While Lloyd Cadena started in 2010, also an entertainment vlog and now earning up to 1.5M per month. Alex Gonzaga, a Philippine Celebrity, started vlogging in 2017, and just for two years, she’s now earning up to 3M per month. JaMill started in Dec 2016 and now earning up to 13M per month. Because of these successful vloggers, now, many Filipinos are also very eager to become successful vloggers and to earn a lot of money. Who doesn’t want to earn millions of pesos every month while having a lot of followers and doing what they want, right?

If you think you have enough charisma and worth spending time on content, why not try this? Maybe this is the right opportunity you are waiting for! But don’t forget,  “Nothing worth having comes so easy”.

2.  Afiiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online from home. Most companies offer this since this is a win-win situation for both the company and the one who promotes the company. So what happens here is that you need to promote their products or services on Facebook or any social media that you prefer, and they pay you commission each time someone buy a product or service from the link you provided. Some companies that offer this kind of program are Lazada, Amazon, Zalora and you can also check our affiliate program which is CJ Dropshipping.

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In this kind of business, you can be your own boss and you can work anytime you want. Since they don’t pay you any basic salary, they don’t really care if you work hard or not. Because they will only pay you once you make any sales or you sponsor someone. This industry is also very rewarding once you generate enough traffic and become sales to your affiliate partner. Imagine having a vacation at a 5-star beach with your family and loved ones while earning passive income from your affiliate partners.

3. Blogging – If you are a type of person  who likes to write, then blogging can be a way for you to earn money without investing any money capital. There are a lot of successful bloggers out there. You can be a successful blogger by writing about dogs, cooking, travelling, photography, self-improvement or anything under the sun.

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You can earn in blogging by putting some ads on your site, affiliate links, selling digital products, or even selling memberships. Blogging may take time before you earn, but if you really love what you are doing, then it might be worth investing time doing it.

4. Online Selling – To start this kind of business, you have to create an account with an online platforms like Lazada or Shopee, then you can start selling. If you are not familiar with those platforms, then you can just use your Facebook account to sell your items. Also, Facebook now has the Marketplace where it became more seller and buyers friendly.

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With the help of the internet and social media, there are a lot of traditional sellers shifted to the world of online selling. Imagine you can have customers that see your products anywhere they are as long as they have an internet connection. And imagine you have a store that can operate 24/7 without paying for overhead expenses like the electric bills, water bills, and monthly rent.

5. DropShipping – Since we already tackled online selling, another booming industry or business now is DropShipping. Compare to traditional online-selling or eCommerce, you need to have your items on hand or you need to buy stocks before your customers buy the items from you. Then, after they pay you, you have to pack those items and transfer it to the courier for shipping to your customers.

But compare to DropShipping, all you need to do is to sell the items in your store, then your dropshipping partner will take care of everything. They will pack the items for you and they will be the one who will send the items to your customers’ doorsteps. And aside from that, you don’t have to keep your items on hand and you don’t really need to buy items in advance. It’s like you will only buy the products from your dropshipping partner right after your customers already paid the orders to you

Dropshipping here in the Philippines is just starting so most of the online sellers out there are not yet familiar with this system. Dropshipping will save a lot of your time from packing your items to sending them to your customers. It will also lessen the risk in your business since you don’t have to pay for any overhead expenses and buy items in advance. So that you can focus more of your time and energy on the advertising and marketing of your business. And the good thing about this kind of business, you can start with less capital or even without investing any money. CJ Dropshipping can help you with this since they don’t ask for any sign-up or membership fees compare to other dropshipping platforms out there like Oberlo and AliExpress.

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I'm using CJ for my jewelry e-store my question is related to the shipping method to the USA.

Are the shipping time of the below methods are respected or not?

Cpacket YT US ordinary: 7 to 15 days

USPS: 10 to 20 days

Is it ok to use the above to ship jewelries?
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How do you guys explain to the customer that there is effectively no warranty on products? All I can see on CJ is a 10 day dispute policy which obviously doesn’t cover potential manufacture defects 3-6 months down the track if product all of a sudden stops working for no reason. ... See MoreSee Less

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Why CJ removed CNE post for UK ?
THis was soo fast post !
Please back it !

You should add new post chanels and instead that you removeing exist shipping methods !
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