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What if more and more Chinese Sellers Run Business in Shopify?

There was a very interesting phenomenon in the early years. When Amazon open to the public, Americans were dominating the market at that time. The popular products sold from Amazon were mainly video games, consumer electronics and software, etc. While most of them were produced in China. Therefore, more and more Chinese sellers start to getting into the Amazon market and gradually dominating the amazon market. Why?

1. Competitive price. With abundant labor and material resources, and given by the support of government policy, the price of the same product from China are relatively cheaper than those in the US or in the European country. Therefore, this enables more Chinese sellers to enter into the e-commerce market and get their places in it.

2. New supply chain. The traditional model of business is factory-distributors-wholesalers-retailers-customer. Thanks to e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Aliexpress, and Shopify. The new supply chain bypasses the middleman and forms the chain as a factory-customer directly. This enables the customer to get a bottom price and save time on their business.

3. One of the most important points is that Chinese sellers can control the quality of the products and decide the time when to ship out the products. For the customer, Chinese sellers or suppliers are more reliable than sellers from many other countries.

Just like Amazon, Shopify now starts to invest in China, especially in the past year, more and more Chinese sellers start their business with Shopify. As one of the earliest dropshippers in China, now we CJ Dropshipping not only have overseas customers but also witnesses the amounting of domestic customers.

4. It is not hard to see different training courses about Shopify on social platforms like Reddit, Quora and Facebook, etc. From this perspective, Shopify may want to promote their platform and get more popular all over the world. On the one hand, this trend will provide more convenience for people who wants to do business around the world. On the other hand, the competitiveness will be tenser.

5. As for doing business with customers all around the world, the most concerning problem is shipping time. In the future, more and more Chinese sellers who cooperated with Shopify may be going to build a warehouse in the US or other countries or rent a warehouse from the third party. This is an unexceptional good way to fasten the logistics and cut the shipping time. Undeniably this will provide a better experience for customers and thus will help you to get more customers’ trust and orders.

6. In this way, Shopify is going to take Amazon as its most competitive partner. They are eager to get a place in China or in the world. There is no doubt that China is a promising market for the e-business or other commercial activities.

7. If you can’t get a reasonable price on your products, then you may lose the advantages of logistics and resources. The cost of your products including ads on Facebook and other social platforms will be higher.

With this trend, what measures you can take to promote your business? The following tips may give you some help.

1.A reliable supplier in China. With abundant resources and labor forces, the cost of products is cheaper than those in developed countries. This advantage is a sword with two sides. If you use it well, it will enable you to save money and energy. If not, it will damage your business. Therefore, a reliable supplier from China is of paramount importance to you and your business.

2. Overseas warehouse. As an e-commerce businessman, an overseas warehouse will enable your business to become easier and provide fast shipping service. This will add more value to your service and business model.

Fast shipping. Not provide a single shipping method is a necessary precondition for your business. Because your target customers are from different countries and areas. Based on this, different shipping method and long-term cooperation with the shipping company is essential.

Considerate service. Good customer care and considerate service can enable you to earn more customers. Quick response, good after-sale policy are essential.

CJ Dropshipping can be a supplier to find different Chinese manufacture for you. You don’t have to contact different factories for different items. CJ can take all over it and you just need to contact us. Besides, we also have a very reasonable price compared with other platforms. At present, CJ has both warehouses in Chino and New Jersey of the US. Those two overseas will give you much assistance on shipping and delivery time. Last but not the least, CJ have both representatives in Chinese and English, they can solve your problems on products, logistics, shipping methods, etc.

Wish you all have a booming business in future!

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