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How to Deal with Long Shipping Times When Dropshipping?

You may worry about or encounter the long shipping time orders with the dropshipping model for the reason that you can’t control the shipping period. If the shipping time is too long, you may be blamed by your customers. And it eventually it may result in bad influence on your

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How many parcels shipped from China from 2016-2019

65 Billion Parcels Were Shipped in 2016 Parcel shipping is a booming business. Especially e-commerce has had a big impact on shipping volumes and spend. In total, there were 65 billion parcels shipped worldwide in 2016, according to Pitney Bowes. This constitutes a 48 percent increase compared to 2014.  The

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How To Set Shipping Rates For Your Dropshipping Store?

It is essential to find the right shipping strategy when you start a dropshipping business and open a dropshipping store on ecommerce platforms. Shipping strategy involves shipping time, shipping methods, and shipping cost. Keeping shipping costs down is quite important for both your business and customers. Research your competitors and see what they are offering about shipping

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Introduction of Actual Weight, Dimensions Weight and Chargeable Weight

Definition Actual Weight: The weight after weighing, including the Gross Weight (G.W.) and the Net Weight (N.W.). The most common Weight is Gross Weight. Dimensions Weight/Volumetric Weight: Weight calculated by the volume of cargo according to certain conversion coefficient or calculation formula. Chargeable Weight(C.W.): The weight to calculate freight charge or other incidental

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