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In this section, professional agents will share their experience and thoughts with various aspects of the e-commerce business.

From supplier chain to marketing, you can find every topic related to the business we work with.

We hope these articles will lead you to a depth understanding of dropshipping.

How To Start A Print On Demand Business In 2021

Print-on-demand (or POD) is a special type of dropshipping product. It means the supplier is able to provide customization service on the product. So then dropshippers or the customers can make the unique product they like according to their needs. Unlike traditional customized products, print-on-demand products don’t require you to

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How to Place Dropshipping Orders on CJ Dropshipping in 2022?

CJ is currently supported for authorization with 12 eCommerce platforms including Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, Etsy, TikTok, AllValue, Squarespace, Shoplazza, Magento, Wix, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, and API authorization (for personal websites). For each store type, we have general and detailed authorization steps on each page. For Store types that are none on the above, you can authorize your store through the API key and check the detailed flow’s API document.

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What We Can Do for You?

If you’re still bothered of not having your own images and videos of the product, then you’ve come to the right place. Here in CJ we can provide you with the following services: Product photo-shooting; Product video-shooting; POD (Print on Demand). If you want to take product images or videos, you can communicate with us through the chat

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What NOT to Do When Creating Product Video Ads!

Hi all, I wanted to share with you a product video I did a few years ago and highlight some of my past mistakes so you can avoid them when creating your video ads in the future. 1) Do not make TV ads like it’s 2010. Flashy, beautiful images are

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Top 10 Photography Service Company in China

For Shopify drop shippers, we market the products on Facebook, Google, and another social channel. Conversion is a much more important factor for success. Checking with the data of eCommerce, we found the video description will have a better conversion rate than the images. That is why you need to

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Holiday Tips For Print-on-Demand Store

The holiday season is a great time for your print on demand business to attract new leads while satisfying the needs of your current customers. When the holiday season arrives, eager shoppers start browsing stores to find new goodies and gifts. To ensure a great shopping experience, there is a lot of

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Ways to Drive Traffic to Dropshipping or Print on Demand Stores

Traffic is the most important matter in your dropshipping or print on demand business. Traffic generation can help an online ecommerce store to skyrocket sales and earn more profits. And according to the State of Inbound, generating traffic and leads is the leading challenge facing companies today. If you want

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