Invite Friends to Enjoy Double Benefits

You Can Get 5% Monthy Rebate & No Threshold Coupons!

Please make sure the email address for your CJ account and CJ affiliate account is the same one.

The inviter can get 5 CJ coins every time referring a new user.

The CJ coins can be used to redeem CJ’s coupons accordingly.

You can take a promising 5% cut of the new user’s monthly order payment.

Every new user can get free coupons worth $25 in total (five $5-$5 coupons).

He new user can get additionally 3% of his or her monthly order payment.

Not just a one-time commission,

Get 5% of the revenue of every single deal generated by users who
register through your affiliate link for half a year

Let’s say you make a referral to a
dropshipper who generates

$10,000 per day:

In this example
Your income for each successful referral is

180 x $500= $90,000

Coupons redeemable for CJ coins.

Redemption rules: Contact your agent to submit the specifications and quantity of coupons to be redeemed and they will be issued to your account within 24 hours, with delays for holidays.

$ 20-3
  • required Coins 5
$ 20-5
  • required Coins 10
$ 20-10
  • required Coins 20
$ 20-20
  • required Coins 50

2021.11.02—-2021.11.17 (GMT+8)

Activity Time

It's better to grow together than to fight alone

Invite your friends to CJ and share the double benefits


Most frequent questions and answers

前往 CJdropshipping Affiliate 网站,使用与CJ账户地址的邮箱注册CJ账号,登录后参考邮箱链接,复制你的第二个加盟——“分享到CJ注册页面”开始。他/她通过链接注册后,邀请成功!




第二步:点击“Refer and Earn”进入仪表盘页面。





1. Rebate amount calculation: the actual amount of orders placed.

2. The following orders do not count in the calculation of the rebate: orders do not include recharge CJ wallet, purchase custom, private purchase, payment order packaging balance.

3. Rebate form: recharge card, the following month 1-3 days settlement, holidays postponed.

The number of CJ coins you have earned and the record of coupons you have redeemed will be recorded and updated in a Google Share document and sent to your Google email address after the event, so you will need to provide your Google email address and the corresponding registration email address to CJ email: