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The Scandal of E-Commerce Guru Who Teach Making Money Online

The war between Tan brothers with Garth, Alex and Filiip.

Tan brothers (Tried to invest CJDropshipping before)

Born and raised in Singapore, Steve Tan’s path to becoming a successful eCommerce entrepreneur has had its fair share of ups and downs. He first started dabbling in eCommerce in 2005, and eventually dropped out of university to pursue it full-time. He used this time to learn everything about internet marketing, from Adsense and Saas to blogging and ebooks.

In 2007, Steve transitioned from running eBay auctions to founding his own eCommerce stores. 2008 and 2009 saw great success, with his stores earning $400-500K per month. This led him to start a Groupon startup in Shanghai in 2010 and a cosmetic startup in 2011, but both ended in failure.

After a brief period helping his parents manage a manufacturing plant, Steve started Kreyos in 2012. Kreyos began as a huge success, becoming one of the most successful crowdfunded watch products at the time, but in 2014, he had to close the company. Another consumer electronic startup also failed in 2015.

These huge failures almost sent Steve into depression. He’d lost all his money when these businesses closed, and he wasn’t sure how he would move forward.

However, in 2016 Steve was able to get back into eCommerce with the help of his brother Evan Tan. Evan had always helped with Steve’s projects before, but this time he came on board to provide full-time support.

Since then, the brothers have never looked back, going from a zero to a well-known authority in eCommerce in less than a year. They regularly achieve 7-figure sales months, with one of their stores even earning $360,000 in a single day. They now share the lessons they’ve learned at events, summits, and Mastermind retreats to help other entrepreneurs accomplish their eCommerce goals.

Lets read what Steve Tan says about this drama.

[SCAMMERS ALERT] hey everyone, this is a followup post on the updates of all the drama. I went for a 1 week holiday to detox myself from all this negativity, but after I was back, I was presented evidence on how deep this whole conspiracy was for the partnership. I know this will bring revenge, attacks from these people but I’ve decided to expose the scammers, hypocrites, lowlife, and ungrateful people so that all of you people out there know the truth about them – Garth Vader Henderson and his partners in crime Alon & Philip. These are 3 individuals that you should NEVER consider working with ever in any partnership because they will either be trying to scam money from you then pushing away responsibility or just using you with an exit intend to fuck you over. I highly recommend you unfriend/block and stop ALL cooperations with both of them because you never know when you will become a victim. In my almost entire career as an entrepreneur, I’ve met all kinds of clowns, scammers, and idiots, but I’ve never met someone with such ill intentions even before starting a partnership. They are worst than my previous smartwatch Kreyos scammer partner, no wonder he wants to rename himself as Garth Vader, the truly dark side I see now. See all the screenshots, videos attached. All of you have been fooled of what this person tries to be, your best friend, your mentor, your buddy. 

Group owners/friends – Tim Burd Nick Peroni Justin Woll Justin J Cener Mark Peterson Depesh Mandalia Ben Malol Karlo Bradica Eric Toz Eric Dyck Adam Maltais Sant Qiu Jad Kantari. if you’re cool with me posting and exposing these lowlifes, please PM me and let me know.

eCom Friends, Victims of TheEcomMachine – if you want to join me in exposing them, comment below and share my post! I can’t tag too many people in the post! So here is the most
Cisco Arache King LimHernan FloresAnatoliy LabinskiyMaz HajiStephen Liew Wilco De KreijRoman RussoSam KaboodleQuang Nguyen Flemin Goh  Saints TommyMelvin TanHarel LevyLisa DeethKiril Kirilov Sumit Chhabra Emmon Khan Gerard Della Porta Adrien de MontalembertSascha HumerTom WalkerGerald Soh Douglas Lee Soti Androulakis Dimitri NikolakakisDimitris SkiadasDimitri R. VulpeMitch MillerMark Joyner Anna YapJaz Lai  Tim KingMuhammad SaqibJoshua Loke

I was initially skeptical when William Duran presented me with the evidence because the whole fallout was between William and Garth and honestly, I don’t care what goes on between the 2 of them. But when I did the neutral post on my FB initially, the whole comments became really one-sided, most comment complains were geared towards Garth and Alon scamming them the money with TheEcomMachine. Many victims started PMing me about being threatened, silenced, and blackmailed by Garth. Turns out all the comments were supporting William that William has helped out with ecom knowledge when Garth and Alon weren’t doing shit. Then William reached out and sent me screenshots of the conversations and plots that Garth and his gang were trying to do by partnering up with us. I was furious, but I didn’t believe it 100% because as I know messenger you could simply use Inspect element and change the chat history in there. So I did a live Zoom call with William, requested a Remote Access, did a hard refresh and scroll through the entire chat history of the group whereby all the evidence was nicely presented in all the chat history, so now that I verify that all this evidence is 100% true it is time to reveal how dirty someone can be. I know when it comes to business, it can get really dirty, but not like this, too wrong.

Truly it was a blessing in disguise that nothing went ahead through with these scammers. I had these clowns over as guests over at my Singapore house, I brought them out for good food, spent thousands on clubs and drinks for them, allowed them to come to my Phuket mastermind for free along with 3 of their guests and gave Garth the biggest and best room ($60K worth), shared scaling strategies, allow them to use our company resources, coached Garth on how to become a better leader/CEO. And that is what I got in return with all the plotting behind the scenes, stab us behind the back, trying to ruin our reputation, find issues with us then kick us out of the company, make use of us and dump us.

Garth who always tries to put on a fucking fake MR NICE GENUINE GUY, humble, down to earth, friendly front, is actually a super hypocrite low life. If I am cheated, imagine the number of people that are also cheated from his fake ass front. From their chat group of how shitty this person can be in terms of integrity, morale, what you guys see online on how helpful he is, how he knows ecom, etc are all fake, smokes and mirrors. It is so sad to see the person I tried to teach and guide are in fact been plotting from the very beginning to just make use of me and my brother as their stepping stones to get fame in the ecom industry, then fuck us in the back and ruin our reputation then kick us out of the company. No wonder they were always asking me to take videos, pictures with them all the time, now I know fucking why. 

How would any partner or friend that has any integrity or value do something like the above, or even worse say something like, he is going to fuck my brother’s girlfriend. Apparently he said the same to many other friends’ wives, gf, and finances. These scammers and lowlifes have no place anywhere in the entrepreneurs’ space. I urge you, my friends, to stand with me, share this post and expose these people before they harm or prey on more innocent newbies or people in the space. Has 0 respect for our female friends. Look at the attached. Now I believe all the things that people say that he is a scammer with 0 knowledge is true. Too much evidence from all the ex-clients of theirs from TheEcomMachine. Initially, when William told me that Garth was threatening clients with lawsuits if the clients speak badly about him, I didn’t believe it because Garth seems like a really friendly guy, UNTIL when my post when viral, people start commenting and messaging me about it. 

Garth knows nothing about managing a company, team, and etc. Their TheEcomMachine is basically an empty shell with only the founders in it, so when we discussed LetsTalkScale, I said no you have to hire a team to support and onboard the clients, I told them NO WAY IN HELL you’re going to be able to run a successful agency without great people in the team. He pushed all the blame to the COO to handle all the hiring but that was a nightmare to start with as well. Obviously all these signs are red flags, and the more I dig, the more issues I found with the founders which is also why I decided not to move on with them.

Then Garth wanted to do an Australian mastermind and wanted to have some of the guest speakers like Mark, Tim, Nick and ourselves for the mastermind. I and Mark had some small misunderstanding in the past, and for one thing, good thing that came out of this is, we cleared the misunderstanding between Mark and myself. And from what I found out, Garth pretty much just wanted to leverage all the speaker’s names and sell the mastermind, which I refused to be part of. End of the day Garth only sold 1 ticket and they had to cancel the whole mastermind, wasting all the speaker’s time and effort. Like me and all the speakers, we trusted Garth, but with the video I’ve seen of all the chat logs, they had ZERO respect for either of us, just trying to make use of us and leverage, then speak ill of us behind the scenes. We also found out he manipulated and caused misunderstandings between me and Mark Peterson

When they were at my house discussing what to do with client payouts, I said it should stay in the company and reinvested into building up the talents and team but they don’t agree. So what these guys were doing before is they have the clients send payments to their personal accounts directly, they split the money immediately from the get-go, so much so for professionalism and 7-8 figure entrepreneurs they needed so urgently the money. I said NO COMPANY splits the money like that, it is just not right. Sounds like they are desperate to have money in their hands. 

Guess where all the victim’s money went? To building his fake branding staying in Suites, Flying business class, etc when he cannot afford it in the first place. 

Claims to have years of startup and business experience when he doesn’t even know basic company law, he thought he could simply “FIRE” a shareholder by telling him off. He doesn’t take responsibility for anything he does. When he and William had a disagreement, he asked the PROJET MANAGER to craft a letter up and ask the PROJECT MANAGER to send it to William. He doesn’t even have the balls to face William or tell him that he wants to part ways because of the reasons. 

Alon – See attached their $56K revenue in 1-hour fake screenshot, when I grilled them for answers, they weren’t able to answer this, Alon gave all sorts of stupid reasons that the store was closed, ad account was shut was paid to Amazon pay, no contacts with the suppliers, etc.. And when I grilled Garth he was literally tried to change the topic and giving stupid excuses like, “I really trusted Alon and Philip”, so they are 100% legit. I didn’t want to bring this up initially but this idiot threatened me to delete the public post if not he will post my stores. I was like really?? so you’re blackmailing me????? I have 100s of sites, I do not care. When Garth told me he wants Alon to be like the “STAR” genius of LetsTalkScale I was like “you must be fucking kidding me”, this guy can barely speak properly nor converse well in English, and you want him to be one of the faces of the company? This guy is a huge troll too, private messaging everyone telling people how good is he, 8 figure ecom guy, etc until I received so many complaints that I have to ban him from the group and block him from my FB until Garth came into the picture. So I was really skeptical about Alon but I gave in because I trusted Garth, which turns out to be a fucking mistake from my end too. Turns out they are just fucking fake gurus with fake stats, and etc. So they were plotting in the event if things go south with our partnership they will try to fuck up my reputation but posting fake things about us then going to partner up with Amar as a backup alternative. How smart guys!  Amar Gandhi

From the chat history that I’ve gone through I found out that when they find a winner with the clients, Alon will start plotting to steal your product and run it themselves. Sketchy as fuck. Fucking disgrace to the whole ecom industry. And if the partnership doesn’t turn up well, they will steal all your products and try to run it themselves or sell it to someone else.

Then when these guys were in Singapore they did a local meetup, I met a local ecom entrepreneur who was TheEcomMachine clients, for his privacy I will just say Mr. Liew. So Mr. Liew asked me out for coffee and asked me what I thought of Garth and Alon, I stay neutral because we weren’t partners back then, but what Mr. Liew shared with me alarmed me too, as Mr. Liew has paid TheEcomMachine and Alon made them lost $60K USD by managing their ad accounts. That was the genius media buyer that Garth had all praises about, and when I tried to find out from Garth, they were all excuses and pushing the blame to Mr. Liew. Now in the chat history, I’ve seen, they were trying to position it as the agency won’t be responsible for losses if they run the ads for you.

Philip – This guy here is worse than a $1 an hour VA. So Garth made this person the COO of the company, someone who knows nothing about operations. This person is as useless as it can be. I have to provide him A, B, C process on how to hire a staff, and still doesn’t know how to hire, interview, or manage anyone. We hire 1 in 100 probably, and this guy hires 1 in 2, gotta give it to him. Doesn’t know a single shit about the process, accounting, and hiring, and was given a COO role, no wonder there is only shit shows with these guys.

Avoid these people above like a plague and stay safe among all these fake gurus, scammers out to rip you off. I won’t be surprised if they launch an online attack on me for revenge, I have nothing to hide and if any attacks come on, it will be 100% obvious that it came from them isn’t it. But it doesn’t matter. I know this is not going to clean up the community from all the fake ass scammers, but at least we got these clowns exposed hard.

Also in the event, if you guys are reading this which I am sure, if you want to blackmail, threaten me or sue me, please come. Let’s see who has a deeper pocket for lawsuits, and mind you before posting I have all this evidence in screenshots, videos and also my lawyers are ready for you anytime. Stop all this nonsense bullshit and stop scamming people you low life!

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