Writing Product Descriptions for Your Dropshipping Business

Check out these useful tips that will help your dropshipping store take off!

what is product description?

A product description is a marketing copy that describes the features and benefits that bring value to the product that draws potential customers to buy the product. Product descriptions usually identify the characteristics of the product that provide a solution to the problem that the customer is searching answers for. There is more to writing a good product description than just listing out the specifications of the product. Writing the wrong product description can cost you your sales.

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Here is a list of the key points in writing an impressive and irresistible product description

Know who you are selling to

Pinpoint a target audience and define your store’s personality. Get insight on your target market goals and the common obstacles of your target group or subgroups. When they read your product description, they need to feel like you’re writing just for them. Have them engaged with the description so that they feel like the product was made just for them.

Optimize your description with keywords

Keywords are search terms that customers use to find products they want to buy. Make your product easier to find by writing descriptions that include the words that your customers will search for when looking for your product.

Make your description scannable

Write your product description in segments so your customers don’t have to read every single word to understand how your product will help them. Write your description in short segments and highlight the keywords in bold. Starting with the most relevant information, each segment should describe one idea.

Be more specific

Do not reiterate the manufacturer's specifications because your customers will not understand or do not care. Instead, give details of the product that will provide a solution to their problems. Write a product description that will evoke emotions that correlate to your target customers. Tell your customers where they are and where they can be if they use your product. Create images in your prospect’s mind by telling a story.

Reflect your store’s tone of voice

Abstain from generic phrases. Avoid saying things like “this product is amazing”, because says who, besides you. Set yourself apart from other sellers with a more specific vibe that goes along with what you’re selling. Is your product classy, cute or tech geeky? Different words and the way you string them together make their own brand.

Provide social proof

Tempt your customers who are unsure about which product to purchase using social proof. The product with the highest number of good reviews will persuade them into buying. Quoting reviewers and including images will help to highlight your product as a favorite.

Here are a few questions you should ask before you begin to write your product description


Who is buying or using this?


What makes this person happy? Afraid? Excited? Worried?


What does this person value?


What problems are they dealing with and how can this product solve them?


What makes this product different from other products on the market?


What information do they need to make a purchase decision?


What can you do to get their attention?


What should your product make the buyer feel?


How can your product description make them feel that?

write product descriptions that win sales

This guideline with assist you in writing attention grabbing product descriptions that will convince your customers that what you are offering is what they are looking for. Apply these tips strategically and you won’t miss out on another sale ever again!