Warehouses located in Germany, England, and France!

Benefits of CJ European Dropshipping Suppliers

Fast Shipping(3-7 days)
Excellent Quality
Reliable Return Policy
24/7 Customer Service
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Large Products

Now you can ship large products in advance to our overseas warehouses, or purchase them from local suppliers and dispatch via local logistics. Stores no longer have to bear the burden of expensive international courier shipping costs.

High Ticket Products

Shipping from European warehouses can greatly reduce the cost of international returns and expand high-value domestic items. This gives you more options and higher profit margins.

EU Warehouse Trending Products

Fast logistics for winning products shipped from our EU warehouses have fewer after-sales problems and is great for newbies to get started with dropshipping!

More Choices

You can browse through a series of quality suppliers that we will recommend to you. To view more information about a supplier, you can visit their store using the link located on the product of your interest. The various products and services that the supplier provides will be displayed for you to expand your business with.

Fast Shipping

Dropshipping Aliexpress products may seem like the cheapest option, but you often have to compromise on shipping times. Products from Aliexpress suppliers may take several weeks to get to your customers, and in the era of Amazon Prime where consumers expect next day delivery, you need to stay competitive.
By using EU suppliers, you bypass foreign logistics, and your products won’t need to be transported over long distances, and can therefore reach your European customers faster than any international supplier can achieve.

How to access EU warehouse products?


You will receive a message once you have registered successfully and be redirected to the main page where you can sign into your new CJ acount.

Select the warehouse that you want

Once you have signed into your account, point over the “Warehouse” tab located at the top of the homepage to view a drop-down list where you can select the warehouse you want to browse. Click on the Germany Warehouse or other European Warehouses to start viewing the products available domestically in Europe! You can use the general search to find products you are interested in, or you can use search more specifically in categories, or by filtering and sorting.


If there is a specific product that is not currently source-able from our warehouses, contact one of our agents and they will assist you in sourcing your desired products.

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