Michael Shih - Two Comma Club Award Winner & E-Commerce Marketing Mentor to Thousands of Students Worldwide

Michael Shih -Two Comma Club Award Winner

Michael Shih


Language: English

Michael Shih started online marketing in 2013.  He has vast experience in online marketing — from local marketing to affiliate marketing to CPA marketing.  But he discovered his true potential through e-commerce when he broke through his glass ceiling and made 6-figures in 60 days with his first dropshipping store. He figured out what worked and created proven frameworks for success, and went on to replicate that success for himself by creating multiple 6-7 figure e-commerce brands.  He has become a mentor to thousands of students worldwide, teaching and guiding them to use his proven frameworks for success.  Additionally, he has worked with celebrities to build their brands online and has recently won his second Two Comma Club Award for generating 1MM in just one funnel. When he’s not helping his students to succeed, he likes to spend time with his family and pursue fitness and weight training.

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