Beginner’s Handbook Dropshipping Print on Demand

How To Start A Print On Demand Business In 2021

Print-on-demand (or POD) is a special type of dropshipping product. It means the supplier is able to provide customization service on the product. So then dropshippers or the customers can make the unique product they like according to their needs.

Unlike traditional customized products, print-on-demand products don’t require you to order in bulk or order stock for products. Instead, you can just order a single unit from the supplier, then the supplier will make the product according to the design picture provided by you or your customer.

After the production process, you can dropshipping platforms to help you handle order fulfillment and ship orders directly to the customers for you.

The biggest advantage of print-on-demand products is the high-profit margin. Because customized products are unique and special, you can price them at a high price when the production costs only take a few doors.

Then how to start a print-on-demand business? Here we will share some basic tips to help you understand the process of dropshipping POD products.

Choose A Profitable Niche

Choosing a profitable niche is the most important thing in your print-on-demand business. This decides what type of product you want to add to your store. You can start looking for profitable niche ideas by checking the best-selling products using various methods, such as Goole TrendseBay’s Trending ProductsEtsy’s Bestselling ItemsNotonthehighstreetTrendhunterTrendwatching, etc.

You can also get some general ideas from Twitter, and Facebook to see if there is a trend in the niche you choose. If there are many comments and posts about the specific customized product, then the product can possibly be trendy.

However, the easiest way is to check the trendy products on Dropshipping sites directly. Many dropshipping sites such as CJ Dropshipping will publish monthly or seasonal trendy products on the market. Just a glimpse then you may find the POD product suits you most.

Build A Print-on-Demand Store

This is one of the most necessary steps to starting your own Print on Demand business. To sell your products, it is essential to own your store and designs.

To create a store, you should register a domain with Shopify. Shopify supports integration with supplier platforms through Shopify apps. Once your store is online, platforms like CJ Dropshipping can directly import POD products to your store.

When a customer sees the products he or she like, she can directly order them and design the print by clicking the design button on Shopify. Then you can send the order request to the supplier to fulfill the orders.

Cooperate With A POD Website

After you have your own store and selected a product, you should choose a reliable print-on-demand website to cooperate with. Working with a good supplier is the most important step toward becoming a successful POD retailer.

 CJDropshipping is a great dropshipping website with international warehouses. It supports POD product design and has numerous collections of POD products that you can choose from. Once you ordered a POD product from CJ Dropshipping, the supplier will receive your POD order information and start manufacturing.

Here is the introduction about how to use the POD function on CJ Dropshipping, you can refer to the steps to order your first POD product to test out!