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Why And How to Open A POD Dropshipping Store?

When you start a dropshipping business, you may be confused about which products to dropship, POD products or normal ones? It seems that there are millions of normal products and it may be easier to dropship. However, it is also difficult to find a niche among a large number of normal products. In fact, dropshipping POD products is also a good idea. So why to choose POD products over normal ones? And how to open a POD dropshipping store? The following will introduce.

The Pros Of POD

  • You are possible to gain a large profit because POD products are equal to a large profit margin. It is common sense that all personalized products are expensive. Therefore, if you can find the right supplier for your products and reduce the product costs, and selling them just at a normal market price is already profitable enough.
  • You can get rid of the customers’ complaints regarding long shipping times. Customers all know that these products are not ready-made things and it takes time to produce them. Sure they would understand the situation and be more patient.
  • You don’t need to print anything in bulk. The printer will only print the product once it’s ordered. And you don’t need to buy printers yourself. Your POD partner takes care of all the technical parts of the printing process.
  • You can gain a foothold in the market competition by selling unique products. There would be so many same products on the market if you sell normal products. However, every product you sell will be unique if you sell POD products and put your creative designs or logos on them. Unique products can improve your market competitiveness.
  • And you can experiment with designs and different products easily. And you can come up with something more unusual designs for types of products and see if your customers like the products and designs.
  • It’s easy to customize your designs. And customized products are quite popular among consumers for they also like being unique. You can also provide your customers with opportunities to design by themselves and offer more customization options for your customers. And they would put names or photos on the customized products because these things usually record something and can bring back lots of good memories after years.

How To Open A POD Dropshipping Store

You can refer to the article How To Start A Dropshipping Business. It covers Select a Niche, Build a Brand, Find Reliable Suppliers, Logistics, Build your website, and Traffic and Advertising. And the general process is also the same to open a POD dropshipping store.

Here I would like to emphasize the importance of suppliers. A good supplier decides the other half’s success. What is a good dropshipping supplier? Three conditions are required: good quality control, reasonable product price, worldwide shipping methods.

Many dropshippers have known and cooperated with CJDroppshipping which has a good reputation. And CJ Print On Demand is also a part of it. If you are interested in a dropshipping print on demand products, don’t hesitate to contact us. And you can open a POD dropshipping store on Shopify, Woocommerce, etc which can connect with CJ Print On Demand.

In specific, there are six features on CJ POD:

  • Print on Demand source from China. 

China has a lot of concentration of print on demand products with low price and high quality. Then you can have your price advantage and satisfy your customers’ demand for quality and personalized. And with the rapid development of China, the shipping from China to worldwide is becoming more and more convenient.

Not only about the T-shirts, Shoes, Bags, Phone Cases, Mugs, Pillows, but also about products on Jewelry, Etsy, Taobao3D printer finishing. What’s more, there are also printable products that are suitable for all kinds of holidays, such as Valentine’s Day.

  • Fastest shipping time by CJ fulfillment.

With the basics of dropshipping general products for more than five years, CJ fulfillment now is really mature. And there are warehouses in the US, Thailand, and China to provide better shipping services.

  • Design it by your buyers and by yourself will be available.

This allows you and your customers to add special designs to our products in the ‘Print on Demand’area. If you have great design ideas, you can design undoubtedly. And you can also provide opportunities for your customers to show their creativity and individuality.

  • Quality checking before shipping them out. 

Quality inspection is a mandatory part of the process when importing products from China, regardless of the order volume. We will definitely check the quality to guarantee the quality. And our quality inspection is systematized.

  • All features will work on our APP automatically.

In addition to the computer side, there is also the mobile side of our CJDropshipping which covers Print on Demand features.

Thus you can provide private custom design to CJ to build your own brand and satisfy your customers. And we print logos, photos or others as you demand. It mainly has two purposes of custom design, one is to build the brand for shop owners and the other is to satisfy shop customers. Anyway, it will be fulfilled by CJDropshipping.

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