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Your Orders from China to Brazil Only need A WEEK to be Delivered – What’s Popping in Dropshipping?

Welcome to our new column: Dropshipping News Weekly Update Vol.06

This week we prepared six dropshipping news for you to catch up with.

Ali international station: from July 7 will suspend second-hand mobile phone online trading

Alibaba International Station recently released on the suspension of second-hand mobile phone online trading notice. Considering the user experience and the risk of the platform, Alibaba international station closes the second-hand mobile phone related products online trading channels, namely, when the announcement comes into force, all members of Alibaba international standing seller and buyer shall not make a second-hand mobile phone related products online trading orders, including credit guarantee order specified in the orders. The announcement was made on June 29, 2021, and will take effect on July 7, 2021.

Amazon added the function to connect buyers with bad reviews

Recently, some brand-seller said Amazon’s review function has been updated, and a “contact buyer” button has been added to the dashboard of the retailer. That means sellers can communicate directly with buyers if the listing gets a bad review. After clicking the “contact buyer” button, on a new page, the Amazon seller can choose to get a full refund or exchange or contact the buyer who left the review and clarify any issues about the item according to his review.

AliExpress plans to increase the number of charter flights from China to Brazil up to six a week

AliExpress plans to expand its business in Brazil by increasing the number of charter flights from China to six a week which allows Brazilian consumers to receive Chinese goods within seven days, Yan Di, head of the company’s Brazilian operations, said recently.

Shopify: Will cut 5% of in-app store developer commissions

At the Shopify Unite 2021, Shopify announced it would cut the share of revenue it charges developers. Starting from Aug. 1, developers will receive 100% of the first $1 million in revenue from the Shopify app store. In addition, the commission for developers with more than $1 million will drop from 20 percent to 15 percent.

Shopify Upgrade: New shopping cart feature to estimate product costs and taxes

At the Shopify Unite 2021, Shopify announced that it will be upgrading its online store to version 2.0, the biggest upgrade to its Shopify Liquid platform. Among the improvements, Shopify has improved its store API in four areas, including a new shopping cart feature that estimates product costs, taxes, and discounts, optimized for performance; enables merchants to set up subscriptions, bookings, and directly integrated sales plans related to Shopify’s local checkout; the pricing of cross-border sales can be based on the location of consumers to provide pricing experience of different countries/regions; Local pickup allows consumers to buy products online and pick them up from the location they want. The new store API enhancements have been available since July 1.

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