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Why Choose CJ Wholesale?


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Why Choose CJwholesale

Professional Services

Our global logistics experts are here to meet your critical sourcing needs and provide any necessary after-sales support.

Efficient Sourcing

We have access to demanding supplies in critical periods because of our direct relationship with top medical and healthcare companies.

Rigorous Quality Control

We ensure product quality is prioritized by carefully vetting suppliers and conducting rigorous factory audits.

Custom Packaging

Pack the order according to the type of product and use different kinds of custom packaging

Reliable Supply Chain

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Special products shipping
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Customer Support

Dedicated agent
24/7 instant support
Help center

We work with giants

We are a partner to more than 50 biggest companies/brands in the industry, including top eCommerce marketplaces, logistics providers, and sourcing plugins. This enables us to access innumerable product listings, faster shipping times with cheaper prices, and seamless platform integration.

Global Warehouses
Trusted Ecommerce Stores
Partner Couriers Worldwide
Customer Satisfaction


  • Supply Advantage

    As CJ wholesale  providers with advanced supplier-collaboration capabilities, we have formed longstanding business relationships with leading brands or manufacturers. Products available on CJdropshippin.com and wholesale Select have been certified and passed testing by accredited third-party laboratory.


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We Ensure Safety, Reliability, and Efficiency to Fulfill Your Critical Wholesale Needs.

CJ Wholesale is CJ groud end-to-end wholesale PPE sourcing service.