Finding Your First Dropshipping Winning Product?

Now, you no longer need to:
  • Search for the best products to sell
  • Make product descriptions and look for customer reviews
  • Invest your time and effort in creating promo materials
We’ve already done all this for you!


8 Strategies For Finding Your First Dropshipping Winning Product | Tips For Beginners

CJdropshipping Makes Every Effort Things

Reliable suppliers

A good sourcing agent will help you find a supplier for any product you want to import from China. CJ will help you find new suppliers and find the best manufacturer for your products.

Quality control

CJ can help you inspect the manufacturer’s production capacity as well as product quality. If there are any problems in production or defects in the product, we will contact the supplier to solve the issue.

Price negotiation

CJ is already familiar with the manufacturing prices of most products, price negotiation with the supplier is a lot more productive, allowing for the best price for your product.

Saves time

CJ will help you save time on production. It will allow you to devote your time to other tasks that can maximize your sales. You will be able to invest more time in operations and marketing.

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Some questions you might have

What CJ’s team does when you send us a product sourcing request?

We are looking for a manufacturer who has this item or can produce it for CJ dropshipping at the lowest price. They are capable of doing it since they cooperate with approximately 200 factories, and are a part of the International Trade Mart (Futian market), which covers 2,000 different categories of goods and 40 industries.

How to find CJ’s  recommendations on products?

Click here to check cjdropshipping products reports list, View CJ products recommendations videos play lists on Youtube.

How to Post Sourcing Request on CJ?

To start sourcing on CJ, register for a free CJ account. Then check the video here for details.

How to use CJ Google Chrome Extension for 1688 and Taobao?

Check the video here for details. Besides, CJdropshipping chrome extension for you. 

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