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Useful Tools to Upload files for POD product

What needs to be considered after picking a satisfying product with Print On Demand? That is installing an file-uploading app to allow your customers to send any files with their orders. You wont ask the customers to manually leave words and photo link in message area which will cause a lot of tiring problems when transferring them to the suppliers. So here comes few recommended apps for you, which make the uploading more automatic and convenient.Uploadery

1. Uploadery

Uploadary is the most widely used tool for file uploading because it gets three main advantages.

  • high-resolution images: It allows any large files even up to 2GB.
  • Built-in image editor: Customers can edit their images to what they want by previewing and cropping.
  • Streamline custom orders: You can view all files right attached with the matched orders.

2.Infinite Options

Infinite Options is a professional app for text-personalized products. You can create unlimited amount of custom options for your products including text, numbers, calendars, checkboxes, and dropdown menus. So it is good for custom product which needs customer to type their content there. You can integrate this app with uploadery to allow custom texting and image at the same time.


Uploadkit is doing well in fast uploading from computers or any other SMS like Facebook and also image enhancing. The customer can review their images in the checkboxes but not just an image link.

4. CJ in-built APP

CJ is also improving its in-built file-uploading tool which will show the three-dimensional design for the product. Let’s completely explore what we can do in Print On Demand area.

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