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Top choice for 450,000+ sellers from worldwide, we help to find the best supplier who can offer better products at a good price. Free fulfillment centers in China, the US and Europe. Fast to door delivery. New product design & production.

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The future of eCommerce: Dropshipping 2.0

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model that a seller doesn’t keep the products he sells in stock. Instead, the seller purchases the item from a third-party supplier and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the seller doesn’t have to handle the product directly.

The pros of this model are that beginners do not need much start-up capital, and the risk is low, so it’s easy for beginners to start a business. But the cons are obvious, uncontrollable inventory, unstable quality, long shipping time, which may lead to unhappy customers and your business is hard to scale up. So here comes the Dropshipping 2.0.

What is Dropshipping 2.0

To cover the cons of traditional dropshipping, here we offer a much better solution called Dropshipping 2.0. The core solution of Dropshipping 2.0 is pre-stock to local/domestic warehouses to avoid long shipping time and uncertain quality.


Benefits of Dropshipping 2.0:

  • China is not the only choice to source products from, can source from top countries worldwide.
  • Rapid fulfillment time(in 24h) and shipping time(3-7days) shipped from the local warehouse.
  • Branding your business with Print on Demand and custom packaging service.
  • Keep the inventory under control.
  • Take good control of product quality.
  • Win happy customers coming back again and again.

How we can help with your eCommerce business?

Powered by CJ Group(Integrated cross border business solution provider), CJ Sourcing provides you with much more than sourcing. We offer every service you may need for building, scaling and branding your business. We have an experienced professional team to find you the best suppliers who supply good quality products at a cheaper price.

Product Sourcing

Sample Customization

Quality Inspection


Shipping to Door

New product Design & Production

Factory Inspection

Production Follow up

Print on Demand

Custom Packaging & Private Label

Professional Photography

Orders Automation

We source and fulfill all over the world

with 7 warehouses in China, the US, and Europe, we can offer you a faster and more cost-efficient fulfillment solution.
More fulfillment centers are expected to come into service

We work with giants

We are a partner to more than 50 biggest companies/brands in the industry, including top eCommerce marketplaces, logistics providers, and sourcing plugins. This enables us to access innumerable product listings, faster shipping times with cheaper prices, and seamless platform integration.

Develop unique products with CJ, stand out in the market

You can stand out from other competitors with Unique products. CJ helps you to develop new products with unique designs. You provide ideas, we design, make samples follow-up production, custom packaging and ship for you.

Six steps to develop a unique product with CJ

1. Generate an idea
2. Design with CJ team
3. Making samples
4. Confirm the sample, put into production
5. Custom packaging
6. Arrange the shipping

Get to know CJ

Founded by Andy Chou (CEO) and his team in 2014, CJ Group has served over 450,000 sellers worldwide for 7 years. Now we have 7 warehouses in China, the US and Europe, and we cooperate with suppliers all around the world, so we can help to source worldwide and fulfill worldwide with fast shipping.

With a professional team formed of 845 dedicated employees, we help entrepreneurs to create and grow their businesses with ease. We’re always available that you can take us as your 24/7 business partner.