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Annual Summary of 9 Proven Top-selling Dropshipping Winning Products on CJdropshipping

2020 is reaching the end. As a dropshipper, how was your dropshipping business this year? Are you hesitating whether to continue your dropshipping business or not in 2021? Or have you successfully become a 7 finger millionaire? Despite advertising, select the right niche and the right product will be the top priority. We have summarized the top sales products for each month. Let’s take a look and find out why these products were trending.

Top Sales Champion in January and February
January and February’s top sales champion is the women’s vintage cuff arrow knotted bracelet, with 2591 sales in January and 7688 sales in February. It’s two alloy material bracelets combined with one size adjustable opening, suitable for regardless of waist thickness. Classic arrow and knotted style can match with watches other accessories or wear one at a time. Here are the sales data. Average 4k sales in Q1 and Q2, almost no sales in June, cause many dropshippers to choose to close their store and go on vacation in June or July. If you are running a jewelry store or a general store, this can be your next choice in Q1 and Q2 2021.

Top Sales Champion in March and April
The medical mask is the March and April top sales champion. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 this year March, the demand for medical masks has increased dramatically. This product has 76k sales in March and 127k sales in April. It’s a temporary emergency product other than the general and conventional products, so it is crucial to seize the opportunity. After April, most countries have a stable medical mask stock, and people can easily purchase it from local stores, and governments have more strict rules for it. So the sales suddenly drop from 21k in May then a few hundred in the following months. With the second wave of pandemic outbreaks, the medical mask sales are also going up, but not as crazy as March and April. With the vaccine of COVID-19 comes out now, the sales of masks will only get lower and lower.

Top Sales Product in April
USB control music player is a combination of the galaxy projector and music player. The galaxy projector brings a shocking aurora starry sky effect with four watermark colours and one laser colour. The remote can adjust light colours, light speed, brightness, music control and sound control. USB charge supported. It’s a perfect gift for kids, couples to create a festive atmosphere. This product is the April sales champion product beside than medical mask, which made 5768 sales in April 2020. It starts to sell from February this year with 41 sales. Right after, the sales record reached 508 sales in the following month. In May, the sales record reached peak-11089 sales. Then 3.9k in June, 2.2k in July, 804, 735, 541, 866. “Projector” was the rank 28th in our March searching rank and 16th in April searching rank. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, people were forced to stay at home. It is a must-have entertainment product for staying at home, well shown in the sales records.

Top Sales Champion in May and June
Next, it’s the sales champion in May and June-Tea Tree Acne Patch. It’s an all year round product, perfect for one niche store. Let’s take a look at product sales. It made 16813 sales in May and 10068 sales in June. Q2 and Q3 are the hot selling period. Usually, skincare is the all year round niche. And acne patch is cost 0.6$ for 36pcs. And it only cost $3.18 with shipping. It’s an anti-inflammation acne patch. Merely applying a patch on the acne will diminish inflammation by avoiding contacting external pollutants and stopping acne deterioration. Separate by daily use and night use, each usage can last up to 12 hours. It’s a perfect product to sell for one niche store or a skincare care store, or a general store.

Top Sales Champion in July and August
July and August sales champion is navel stick slim patch. It made with Chinese herbs, simply apply to the belly button, and a navel stick slim patch will help with the fat burning, increase blood circulation and remove toxins built-up in the body. Sell it as a set, start from 10pcs as a set. Navel stick slim patch’s sales records in July and August are 7k and 5k, and average 6k from June to August. Slimming products have a strong seasonal factor, and summertime is the golden season. The remaining month’s sales records are around 1k. The list number of this product is 161 until today. If you are selling beauty products, this product or a similar product can be your evergreen product during the summertime.

Top Sales Champion in September
It is a standard dog shaver set with one shaver, four different cutting heads and one USB charger. All difference combinations are available based on the customer’s need. Available with five grades of micro-adjustment, which is suitable for all kinds of pets. 60 mins of lasting powder, won’t worry about out of power in the middle of the shaving with pets. Low-noise design won’t make pets more anxious during shaving. It had 2797 sales in September and peak sales of 2946 in August. This product launched in May, so there isn’t any data in previous months. Summertime always the off-season of dropshipping. It’s quite impressive that a newly launched product has such a performance in the off-season. And “dog” this keyword is rank 2nd in CJ’s June searching rank, slightly decreased search rank in July and August, but still ranked in top 10. which have well explained in our sales record. Last month, it still got 702 sales. And the current list is 167. it still has some potential in the next coming months.

Top Sales Champion in October and November
The winning product for October and November is the DIY Christmas tree. With the holiday season coming, the Christmas tree is a must-have decoration for all most every family in America and Europe. Usually, real Christmas trees are quite expensive and occupy a lot of space and can only be used for one winter. However, this product is very compact and can easily transport. It has all the features a real Christmas tree should have, decorated with decorations and lights, and brings up an intense Christmas atmosphere. It is made with non-woven material, safe for Children. It’s a new product launched in September, so there isn’t historical data in the past months. And in October, it had 6k sales and 8k in November. Remember to sell it next year in Q4.

Besides all the sales champions for each month, one product has strong potential to be an evergreen product-Hemorrhoids Cream. It had a 5.9k sales record in January, 4.2k in May and 5.9k in June. In the rest of the months, it was remaining a few hundred. But if you take a look at the list number, it only has 52 lists. It’s made of Chinese herbs and helps with anti-inflammatory, stop bleeding and relieve pain. Really simple use, after cleaning the affected area and apply a small amount before bed. It’s all year round product for one niche store or health product store. However, before selling it, it’s better to clarify the local country’s health product importing rules.

Last but not least, there is one product super trending this year-Portable Fitness Rally. Due to the pandemic situation, the fitness niche was trending in March. Google trend also shows that fitness was trending in March. This product currently has 1124 lists. But we look at the sales records, the sales and listed numbers aren’t match. In March, it got 6195 sales. And 1479 and 1125 sales in April and May, then suddenly dropped to hundreds and now the sales are only dozens. The 6k sales volume in March caused many sellers to misjudge that this product will be trending. However, the manufacturers were not prepared for the surge in sales, which led to lower product quality to reduce production time. And it led to a high dispute rate for this product. A low-quality product won’t last long. The quality issue has been fixed in the summertime, but the damages of stores are already made. If you are still selling this product, remove it from your store and place it with other creative fitness products. 

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