What is a live stream program?

The live stream program can help dropshipper improve shop visitor conversion. By cooperating with CJ, dropshipper only needs to do normal marketing to personal stores. CJ provides a live stream team, live stream venues, and live stream products. By embedding the live broadcast in the store detail page, store visitors can improve their understanding of the store and products and will help visitors converted into effective customers, thereby further improving customer purchase rate.

Why choose CJ live broadcast?

What Is Live Online

The immediacy of the live stream makes the content more real, so it is more in line with consumer’s psychological expectations than traditional text, pictures, and videos. The anchor can show what consumers want to buy. For example, a piece of clothing, the anchor can show the effect of wearing on the body, and customers can understand the product more intuitively.
Pictures and short videos can be post-processed for products, but live broadcast cannot. Therefore, what consumers see is what they get.

Highly Interactive

Through the live stream, the anchor can show the product immediately that the consumer wants to see. A consumer’s purchase can stimulate others, increase the order rate. For example, if a consumer wants to buy a pair of shoes, the anchor wears them on the feet, others will also buy them when they see the effect is good.

Stimulate The Needs

Stimulate the needs of shop visitors and make them desire to buy. Sometimes they just look at it casually, but when they see that the product displayed by the anchor is very functional or the various usage scenarios of the product are very practical, they will purchase the product.

Save Costs

Before live-streaming, dropshipper needed to spend a lot of money to take pictures and videos to promote products. But with live streaming, we provide businesses with a complete set of services, video, pictures, and post-production, which is cost-effective and saves worry. After the live stream, we have a professional editing team to edit the content into small videos. Dropshipper can put the video in the store or upload it to video websites so that consumers who missed the live stream can also learn about commodity through short videos.

Our advantanges


We have a wealth of commodity resources and commodity type resources, without the need for customers to post overseas, which can save a lot of time and cost.


According to the characteristics of the products, we display products with appropriate merchandise scenes to fully reflect the real scene and actual use of the goods as much as possible.


Our model team can interpret each product in detail. They can answer tutorials, product appearance, quality and other after-sales questions.


When we are broadcasting live, we can maintain a high-dimensional interaction with our guests. And guide customers to place orders and complete the final transaction.


We have a variety of professional shooting equipment and lighting facilities. Able to show every detail of the product to customers, to achieve an immersive feeling.


Not only can we do online real-time live broadcasts, but also keep the live videos and edit them into advertising videos that customers can promote.

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