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Especially For People Who Are Facing Burnouts – 3 Things You Must Do To Automate Your Dropshipping Business

Ever since my previous post about automation, I’ve received countless DMs asking me about how they can go about automating their business.

And the number one reason why they wanted to automate their business: 

  • Burnout. 
  • They feel burned out from their business… 
  • Grinding every single day, doing the same old routine tasks… 
  • Struggling to enjoy what they do… 
  • Feeling drained all the time… 
  • And suffering from brain fog… 

I sure hate it when that happens… especially when you just spend the entire day unable to think clearly and only to end up with an unproductive day.


Now, if you’ve ever experienced this before (or worst, you’re currently experiencing it now), then continue reading because this post contains the 3 things that my agency does to automate our client’s businesses, relieving them (the business owner) from the nasty burnout.

Most of them now only spend 10% of their time on the business, and the other 90% of their time launching new stores and even ecom brands.

Needless to say, they’re ballin’ hard right now.

By automating your business, you not only have more time to launch new stores and brands…

You also:

Have more time and brain space to attend high level masterminds.

Have more time and brain space to strategize and plan for your business to scale.

Spend more time swiping on Tinder (if that’s your thing)

And take a 2 week break without having to worry that your business will collapse without you.

So, 3 Things You Must Do To Automate Your Dropshipping Business

  1. Make sure that you don’t have the superhero syndrome

If you’re not sure what’s “superhero syndrome”?, the superhero syndrome is when someone thinks that he MUST do (or be involved in) every single task by his or herself…

Most of the time it’s because they think others are not as good as them or they don’t trust others to get the job done.

For example, does your team need to get approval for every single step of the process of launching a new product, from product research, to copywriting, to video creation, to media buying?

By doing so, it’s impossible to automate and remove yourself out of your business.

Here’s how you can solve it:

Create systems and processes that do not require you to be inside at all, and importantly, ensure that the system can still work even if you scale from testing 1 product a day to over 5 products a day. 

It’s extremely important to have the foresight of scaling when creating such processes. 

At our Operations agency, one of the ways we help dropshippers to automate their business is this:

We create for them a system with automatic feedback loop and scorecard metrics that their team can use to self-evaluate whether they are doing a good job that is up to your expectations.

This helps them to know whether they are performing well based on a set of criteria you set for them, while improving their skills at the same time with the continuous feedback loop.

From there, we continue to optimize and improve this system so that the team can get better faster automatically.

While this system may sound simple, the impact can be huge!

One of our clients was able to free up 90% of his time (and yes, we track it with a 2 week long survey.)

That’s like going from working 10 hours a day, to only 1 hour a day.


  1. Create Delegation systems WITH standard operating procedures (SOPs)

A common mistake that most dropshippers make is that they assume that all they need to do whenever they hire someone new is to just train them.

So they spend hours of their precious time going through their systems, processes and training their employees on their roles.

But only for the employee to come back to them the next day bombarding them with questions.

Making you wonder, “why the heck did I even bother to train this person?”…

And you end up never being able to trust your VA to do their tasks without you.

Now, this is not because you hired a bad VA, because even the best VA can make the same mistakes if you don’t have proper delegation systems and SOPs in place.

Here’s how you can create it: 

1. Create Flow charts:

By having flowcharts in place, it allows the team member to complete their tasks without having to come to you for any approval.

For example: Product research flowchart.

You’ve set a strict criteria for your product research team.

In order for the product to be qualified to be tested, it needs to first fulfill 5 criterias.

Here’s how you can build the flow.

Start > Has the product generated over 10k likes on Adspy in the last 1 week?

No > Do not use the product.

Yes > Does the product solve a pain?

No > Do not use the product.

Yes > Does the product have a wow factor?

No > Do not use the product.

Yes > Is the competitor’s selling price 3x higher than our COGS?

…. So on and so forth. 

By presenting it this way, it reduces the need for them to ask for your approval drastically.
2. Construct Decision trees

So how do you construct decision trees?

Say you have a customer service team but they are sending you 20-30+ emails/day seeking for extra clarification before they hit “send” to customers.

Step 1: Map out all the common scenarios when dealing with customer emails

This is the 80% of emails your CS team faces daily. Mainly general questions that your team already has canned replies for.

Example, emails on shipping fees. On refunds. On product detail clarification…

Map them all out with their responding solutions.

Step 2: Once done, get together with your team and identify points of uncertainty

Points of uncertainty are where your CS team can’t send back a typical reply because the questions are more specific and require much more information…

Or they are large-consequence emails like approving a $100 refund.

Create a SOP such that your team will forward these emails to you.

You want to identify where these situations usually happen – and come up with solutions for those.

Because these questions tend to be more open-ended, your solution should be in a range.

Example, when it comes to refunds, allow your team to approve any refund under $60 and only seek clarification from the team leader when it’s >$60.

And your team leader can approve any refunds under $100 without your consent.

When you have this in place, you only need to deal with emails that really matter – like big-ticket refunds instead of receiving clarification emails for every $30 refund.

After testing this system in our agency for our clients, we found that not only did this system reduce the number of questions from his team members by over 80% (from an average of 23 questions a day to only 5 questions a day).

Pro Tip: Train your team members to create SOPs, and include the SOPs into your delegation system. You can also get your team members to create an SOP whenever they’ve solved a new problem, so that they won’t make the same mistakes again.

  1. Hire the best VAs available, and train them to become superstar employees

Now of course, having kickass systems is only half the battle.

You’ll still need a great team to execute each task for you at the highest quality. This way you can fully detach from your business without constantly feeling worried.

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