The “Unsexy” Secret Some 6-7 Figure/Month Dropshippers Use To Maximize The Success of Each Product Test & Consistently Find Winning Products

Do you know why some dropshippers are able to scale to 7 figures so quickly, while others consistently struggle? 

After working with many 6-7 figure/month dropshippers, I’ve noticed one common trait in them. 

Something that at first glance, some might say that this is obvious…

It’s nothing new. 

Nothing fancy.

(Boring as hell even)

At the same time, you’d be surprised to know that very few dropshippers actually do these consistently. 

But these same dropshippers are also the ones who are consistently scaling winning products after winning products each week.

Consistently maintaining their 6-7 figure revenue per month.

And the best part?

At our agency, we’ve turned this powerful weapon into a repeated, dependable, and consistent system that their team follows week in week out. 

Which enables the team to consistently find and scale winning products after winning products.

(Often times even without any involvement by the business owner)

So, what is this powerful system that helps 7-figure dropshippers to maximize the success of each product test?

It’s a “Video Production Factory” that allows them to quickly churn out 4-6 high quality creatives per product test.

(As compared to most dropshippers who are only testing 1-2 creatives per product test).

When I spoke to some of my larger clients, I asked them why their team spent so much effort in creating so many videos? Why not just 1 test video per product? 

He mentioned to me that his team has already spent a huge effort in researching potential winning products, and it would be a waste if they were to test it so carelessly. 

So instead, he got his team to test as many as 5 different marketing angles (depending on the product), so that they can really test each and every product to the maximum potential. 

This also allowed his team to find new angles that are not already saturated and dominate that new angle. 

This gives them the edge over other dropshippers, and consistently scales their products to maintain 7 figures a month.

Then it hit me, it made so much sense.

The more video creatives you test per product > The more marketing angles you can test > The higher chance that product becomes a winner. 

This way, every product’s potential to become a Winning Product is tested to the very maximum. No potential Winning Product is missed.

Which explains why 6-7 figures dropshippers usually churn out over 40 videos per day. Especially if they’re testing upwards of 10 products a day. 

You may be thinking “if that’s the case, all I need to do is to hire more video editors and test more videos!”

Having more video editors is definitely the first step in the right direction. 

But what’s more important than having more video editors, is to create a system or a “video production factory” that consistently churns out high quality videos that convert

(Strong emphasis on “high quality videos that convert)

3 Actionable Tips To Create A “Video Production Factory” To Consistently Churn Out High Quality Videos 

(Although these 3 tips may sound simple, it has exponentially helped us to achieve crazy results for our clients almost immediately, allowing them to double or even triple their video creative output in just 30 days.)

1️⃣ Switch up the first 5-10 seconds of each video, aka, the “hook”.

When we say produce 5 videos per product tested, we don’t mean producing entirely new videos from scratch.

That takes too much time, and your video team risks burnout.

Instead, simply switch the hook – and you would get close to the same impact as if you created entirely new videos.

Because the hook is the main difference between each video.

The hook is where you get to test different marketing angles.

Whereas the rest of the video is mostly on product information (which doesn’t change).

You can use the template below as a rough guide:

First 5-10 seconds: Hook + Introduce the new angle by showcasing the “problem” that the product solves.

Next 15 seconds: Using the product + benefits

Next 10 seconds: Features

Next 5 seconds: Call to action.

We’ve developed an SOP and process to ensure that for each video creative, there will be 5 different hooks. 

Whenever there’s a winning video, we will double down on the winner by tweaking and optimizing different parts of the winner. 

Remember, you need to have a SOP for creating different hooks…

Another SOP for Optimization, and another SOP of scaling.

By following the SOPs, one of our clients was able to scale his video production to over 81 videos per day.

2️⃣ Make use of Project Management tools, and optimize them to the T!

If your team consists of 3 or more people, chances are you’re using a project management tool to keep track of your team’s progress. 

Project management tools like Asana, ClickUp, or Monday, are a godsend when it comes to managing your team. 

Why? Because they give you an “eagle eye” view of what’s going on in your company. 

However, after analyzing and breaking down how my clients set up their project management tools, I realized one crucial problem… 

Even though they are using the project management tools, their entire process is still done manually! 

What do I mean by that? 

Before working with us, one of our clients was using Asana as his project management tool, he had every single step inside from product research, to product import, to writing the product description, to video creation, to thumbnail creation all the way to launching the product.

However, his entire process was dependent on each of his team members manually changing the name of each step in order to let the other team member know that it’s now ready for them to start working on it. 

For example, whenever the product importer is done importing the product into the store, he has to manually change the task name from “product yet to import”, to “product imported” in order for the copywriter to know that he can now go in and edit that product. 

This entire manual process caused a lot of confusion within the team members especially if 1 team member forgets to update the progress… 

This eventually led to a backlog of over 80 products! 

If your project management process sounds like this, you need to fix it immediately!

So what should you do instead? 

Do this: Choose a project management tool that is more optimised and allows you to create a flow. 

For our clients, we use a tool that is loved by many large scale dropshippers. 

And it’s none other than ClickUp.

We love ClickUp because it’s simple to use, it’s well structured, and it has a great feature that allows you to create a flow that doesn’t require much manual work from your team member. 

When setting up ClickUp, we segment each main task with their sub tasks. 

For example, for the “creatives” segment, we break it down into 3 sub tasks, “video editing”, “video script creation”, and “thumbnail creation”. 

This way, the video team can easily show which stage they are at, and let the overall team leader or project manager know about the progress. 

Additionally, because of the sub tasks feature, there’s no longer a need for the team members to constantly change the name of the task. All they need to do is to press the green check mark to indicate their done.

Best yet, notifications can also be set up to inform the next team member that he or she can now start working on what they’re supposed to. 

This “automated” the entire flow and overall streamlined the entire process for our clients, allowing more output without the need to hire more team members. 

Many of his team members also messaged in thanking us for helping them make their life so much easier. 

(Not entirely sure what we are talking about? Don’t worry because we filmed and attached a video with this post, showing you the “before and after” of what it’s like to have a fully optimized project management tool.)

Note: We are not saying that one project management tool is better than the other, we just prefer ClickUp as we find that it’s easier to use, and recommended to us by top tier dropshippers.

3️⃣ Use Time Analysis Tools For Maximum Video Production Efficiency

This is one of our favorite “hacks” because after we implement this for our clients, we always see changes in their video creation output almost immediately. 

When it comes to increasing the number of videos produced by the video editing team, what many dropshipping business owners do is to simply hire more video editors. 

Although that seems like the most obvious solution, it leads to problems like having to test the video editor to see if they’re the right fit, having to make sure that their values and culture are aligned with the company, and having to spend hours training them and briefing them on the SOPs and processes. 

So what should you do if you want to increase your video production output without hiring new people? 

Do This: We use time tracker tools to track how many videos can each video editor produce with 8 hours of work. 

We then analyzed the result and noticed that one video editor was able to produce almost twice as much as the other. 

This resulted in the faster video editor to only work 4 hours a day as compared to the slower video editor who needed 8 hours to complete his tasks. 

But our client was still paying each of them for 8 hours of work.

With this new finding, we decided to issue more tasks to the faster video editor and after doing so, we saw that he produced almost double the amount of videos as compared to the slower video editor. 

We repeated this entire process across his video editing team and doubled his video production output without the need to hire additional manpower.


When you are able to ramp up the number of videos produced, your chances of finding a Winning Product increases more than you think.

Dropshipping is a competitive space and you want every edge you can get.

Finding the winning product simply by increasing the number of products tested is not enough. You want to maximize every product’s potential, cover every base.

And one of the best ways to do it is to increase your video production for every product.

This is why it’s so important to have a Video Production Factory that your team can use to consistently churn out high quality creatives.

How many creatives do you test per product? Do you have a system that your team uses to consistently produce high-quality creatives that convert?

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