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What to Sell in April? Top 100 Best Sellers & Bigger Gainers

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Here is the list of the top 100 best sellers on CJdropshipping in the past 30 days ranked by growth. From the list, we can see the product names and their orders and growth. There are 56 products got grew in sales, and the rest got a sharp decrease. And many niches got good sales but still with negative growth. 

Many of them were trending in the previous month. In the list, the same niche is marked with the same color so that you can view the table in a much clear way. The results proved that we were right about the niche prediction we made in Q1 at the end of last year. The fitness niche did make a massive success in Q1, and there are ten fitness or fitness-related products on today’s list as well. You may wonder if fitness products will keep trending in the coming month.

Yes, it will. But we won’t suggest selling. If you take a detailed look at the list, you will find fitness leggings and hula hoops on both growth and decrease sides. They are almost the same products with similar dropshipping prices.

This phenomenon shows that there’s tense competition in the niche and some sellers are still benefiting while others are already experiencing a decrease. And another thing to be sure of is this year’s fitness trending products are no longer last year’s home push-up equipment. There is a chance of the fitness products you are selling are all in vain, according to our top-selling list.

Automatic Cable Organizer

Home improvement niches were quite popular since the spring. It is well shown in the table. Two organizers and one toilet brush holder got positive growth, and one storage got a negative decrease. However, products under this niche usually have a huge concern, which is oversize.

Oversized products usually have extremely long shipping times and high shipping costs. So it is always nice to confirm the size with CJ’s agents before starting selling it.

However, this automatic cable organizer doesn’t have this concern, not an oversized product. It had a 100% growth rate last month, and only cost $1.07 per item. Although it is small and has a compact size, this cable organizer can perfectly solve the messy cable problem. It has seven colors available, you could sell it in packs to increase the profit margin. Print logo on the package is also available, which can increase brand authority and loyalty for your store/brand.

Press and Go Cartoon Vehicle

Nevertheless, the following product won’t have this risk. Check out this press and go cartoon vehicle. Gently press the vehicle, and this cute mini car will instantly start to move forward.

This cute hamster-styled toy has grey, blue, yellow, and brown four different colors. And the product price only costs $1.01; the total dropshipping budget to the USA is $6.05. You can easily triple or quadruple the price. 

Imagine the profit gap in between! It was a proven seller in 1688 and currently only has a few suppliers selling it in Aliexpress. Why not grab the opportunity and list it to your store now.

Multifunctional Pet Brush

Bracelets and pet supplies have always been evergreen products in our minds. The sales of bracelets are still growing, however, not for pet supplies this time. There are ten pet products on the top 100 bestsellers list, but only three products got positive growth. Rest pet supplies like clothes, treat, pet shavers, and dog harness all experienced massive negative growth.

The pet supplies market is relatively saturated. The two products that had positive growth are all pet hair removal products. As the temperatures rise recently, to the pet molting season; the pet hair removal product is the perfect fit for the demand.

The pet hair removal Comb and pet hair removal gloves were very popular last year, and I bet you have seen them on different platforms, like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. Therefore, the profit margins of these two products are meager.

But you can check out a similar type of product, a multifunctional pet brush. A comb-styled silicone brush can easily remove pet hair and excess pet hair on the clothes and sofa. Red and blue two colors are available, and it only costs $0.69 per item. The total dropshipping price to the USA is $4.82.


Ear care is the category that we generally don’t think of. But in the past 30 days, the ear care product sales have been ranked at the top of the list, 1st, 9th and 25th. They are a hearing aid battery, hearing aid, and earpick.

Products like hearing aids usually have more strict requirements on product quality and performance. And for this kind of product, one thing you must pay attention to is finding the right target groups and marketing channels when selling it. There isn’t any audience out there for this type of product. If you are not familiar with these products, earpicks and hearing aid batteries are good choices.

The sale of this earpick increased by 99%, and the unique spiral pattern design ensures that the earwax is removed without harming the ear canal. It’s a consumer good, and you will have a higher chance of returning customers visiting your store. It only costs $0.41-1.64 according to different quantity sets.


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