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Find US & EU Suppliers for Your Dropshipping Business around Christmas | 3-7 Days Local Delivery

It’s too late to prepare for Christmas, no time to waste on looking for products, creating pages, and testing products. So in this post, I am not going to show you what products are trending and suggest you guys list them. I just checked those products on our overseas warehouses and picked out those are hot around Christmas. If you are selling Christmas products, toys, fitness products, or those Christmas gift ideas, this post is just for you. If you are selling the same products shown in this video, you have the option to have a cheaper price with extremely fast delivery——your customers are going to get the products in one week since you placed the orders to CJdropshipping, one week including the processing time.

Here’s a product report contains 70 hand-picked products like Christmas lights, ornaments, toys, fitness products, and more from CJ overseas suppliers mainly from the US, the UK, Germany, and Australia. It shows the product pic, description, inventory, and price. All these products are free shipping and will be sent out from the local warehouses, so you will enjoy a 3-7 days local delivery time, processing time included. You can copy the SKU number and search on CJdropshipping to get the product link.

LED Lights

The demand for LED lights increased sharply in Q4, and the lights got very good sales around Christmas. in the report, there are 15 different types of lights, and most string lights, which are used to decorate home and create a warm atmosphere. You can find lights to decorate rooms, Christmas trees, as well as solar string lights to decorate gardens.

Note: If the product is stocked in the US warehouse, you can only sell it within the US, you can’t sell it to Canada or Mexico, because these overseas products only provide local shipping to guarantee fast shipping time.

Christmas Ornaments

There are inflatable Santa toys to decorate the garden, Christmas wreaths, curtains, and more. Here I’d like to recommend the Christmas trees. I checked the prices of Christmas trees on Aliexpress and Walmart, these Christmas trees in our US/AU/DE warehouses got very competitive prices and very fast shipping time. Now we got many products in overseas warehouses, you can explore them on CJdropshipping.

Christmas Gifts

The third part is about Christmas gifts. We got gifts for kids, gifts for game players, gifts for girls, and body-building lovers.

Toys sold very well around Christmas. People buy toys for kids as presents, to keep them busy during holidays.

These remote control toy cars got plenty of inventories in the US, AU, and CZ warehouses. They are a great gift idea for boys.

And as families get together more than ever before, team play toys become very popular. So I think this bowling set has a large market base around Christmas.

I bet you probably have seen this alligator boat on Tik Tok or YouTube, it’s a prank toy with a wow effect. There are inventories in the US/AU/CZ warehouses. And the price is $38.32 with free shipping. Delivery takes 3-7 days, processing time included, really competitive shipping time during high season. Here I have to insist once more, since this product got inventories in the US/AU/CZ warehouses, you can only sell this product to these three countries because for the moment, our overseas suppliers only support domestic shipping.

Here are gifts for game players, game chairs, game mouses, and keyboards. This kind of product got an impressive increasing sales since the quarantine, as people are not accessed to many gathering activities, people stay at home, playing computer games and video games.

The next are the current hot-selling beauty & self-care products for girls. They all got a broad market base.

The last niche is fitness products picked for body-building lovers. We know that fitness product is an “evergreen” niche all year round, and they got crazy sales since the pandemic. These are all proven hot sellers.

And we can see these five products are large and heavy, and for the moment, the shipping fees are increasing because of the second wave of the pandemic and Christmas season. For these products, the shipping costs usually take higher than the product costs. So the prices with free shipping are very competitive. 

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10 hours ago

Hi there !
I would like to praise my new agent June Chen ! I work with CJ almost 3 years and CJ changed me more then 30 agents during this time but my new agent is the best agent which I ever had !

She is soo kind, polite and she is soo sacrificed !
Still if she dont work and if she have free days, she non stop helping me and she go to office becuase she want to help me !
To be honest, I never seen anyting like that and I am proud to see this!
Today was storm in China and she go to office and she was wet and she worked all day still if she dont have obligations to do that !

Looks like Andy Zhou has the best worker !

Lady like June is proof great people still exist and her wish for helping is indescribable !

She giving 120% of her effort ! To be honest, I am happy now becuase I see agent like June becuase she remind me on my first agent which was moved to another department!

I pray and I ask CJ to hold me this amazing agent for lifetime !
And big thank you for Eva Diao which probably forwarded me to amazing June !

Thank you June ! You are the best agent ever 😍!
Cheers 😍🥂🎩
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4 days ago

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10 hours ago

Hello Ebay Sellers,

Please guide me.

I have a question, if i dropship from Cjdropshipping and sell on my ebay. While updating tracking details, there is no option to select cjpacket services. How people are doing who are selling to ebay ? How they are updating tracking details ?

Could you please help me ?
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1 day ago

1.000.000 this year. cj be ready. 😎🤣 ... See MoreSee Less

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