CJ Packet – Low Cost & Fast Shipping To Revolutionize Dropshipping

One of the best shipping methods created by CJ Dropshipping for Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay dropshippers. It is the ePacket and special line alternative. Ship from China to worldwide faster and cheaper.

Faster, Good Price, Reliable

How to use CJPacket?

Attributes restrictions: pure battery, sharp and epidemic prevention.

  1. Create an account on CJ
  2. Connect you Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay or Shipstation to CJ
  3. You can source from CJ for the products you want to ship or ship your inventory to CJ warehouses
  4. Talk with CJ agents anytime so they can help you out

Packages well protected to make sure the orders will be delivered without damaged

Created for Dropshippers

Work with AA for first distance transition, and use USPS for last mile delivery

Best Choice to the USA

Trackable on Aftership, 17track, Trackingmore, Comeorders

Track the whole process

More Shipping Options on CJ







Special Line

How People Like CJPacket……..

A faster delivery can save your energy and avoid PayPal, Stripe dispute. Have CJPacket Back You UP NOW>>>>>>>>

Another 1USD Trackable Shipping

Exclusive Shipping Method for Small Items, Small Pieces Ship from China to the USA with average 7 days delivery and trackable.