How To Produce 3X More High Quality Video & Triple Your Chance Of Finding Winning Products Consistently Without Hiring More People

It’s no secret that the key to maximizing the potential of each product test is to test many different high quality creatives and angles. Oftentimes, you’re just ONE high quality creative away from scaling to 6 to 7 figures. 

By testing more creatives, you can increase the chance of finding that one winning creative to scale to 6 figures and beyond. Afterall, it takes a lot of effort and money to find high quality products. It only makes sense to make sure each product is fully tested with different creatives to maximize the chance of becoming a winning product.

The more creatives and angles you test per product, the higher chance the product becomes a winner.

You don’t want to be in the position where you launch a product, didn’t manage to turn it into a winning product that can scale, then scrape it — only to see weeks later, a competitor launching the exact same product (but with a different marketing angle), and it is now a winning product.

All because you didn’t test enough angles and creatives, you are missing out on earning 6 to 7 figures revenues and profits.

This is why 6-8 figures dropshippers hire video producers and designers to churn out creatives every day —  but not just any creatives. They got to be of high quality, with each one focusing on different hooks, angles and positioning. Unfortunately, many dropshippers often struggle to produce more high quality creatives consistently and find winning campaigns faster.

After working with and talking to many 6 to 8 figure dropshippers, I notice that this often comes down to two main reasons:

65 Creative Employee Reward Ideas (2021 Update)

1. They focus on quantity instead of quality of output.

In order to test more creatives, what a lot of dropshippers do is they lower the quality of each creatives so that they can produce more. Because of that, there’s a much lower chance of it becoming a winner.

So, even though they are actually testing more creatives, they still struggle to find a winner. All because of poor quality creatives. Not to mention a huge waste of money spent on these low quality creatives.

2. They hire more video producers and designers

While having more video producers and designers might increase the number of creatives produced every day, if you don’t have a scalable creative production system in place, you will find that having more manpower doesn’t translate into more revenue and profits.

A scalable system enables you to double or triple your output (whether it’s videos, product research, replies to CS tickets etc) without needing additional manpower or resources.

When you have a scalable video creatives system, your creatives team will be able to produce 2 to 3 times more high quality video ads than they do now even without hiring more people. Increase output and results without increasing cost. With more video creatives produced, you get to test each product to its maximum limit and find more winning products. This means more consistent revenue for the company — even record-breaking 7 figures per month!

When you do want to expand your team, you can add more team members while doubling or tripling your output and results even more. It’s much easier to scale much faster once you have the right systems in place.

The system can run on its own, so you get back more time for yourself to focus on higher leverage tasks in the business like future expansion plans, or to simply take a holiday and enjoy your profits.

All these things are possible once you have a scalable video creatives system.

How To Build Scalable Systems

The problem with most dropshippers systems is that their current systems are not built to scale. They are only able to perform at the current stage which the dropshipper is in. 

A 5-figure system is different from a 6-figure system, and it’s different from a 7-figure system — and so on.

Once the dropshipper scales up and starts testing more products, requiring more high quality video ads, the system will start to crumble from the additional pressure. So, the key is to build a system that can grow as your business grows, also known as scalable systems.

It’s easy to just double down on your marketing if you want to scale fast and hard, but if your systems and processes are not able to take the rapid scale, then bottlenecks and breakdowns will start to happen. You will find yourself fighting fires and getting distracted by many problems.

Ever had those days where you feel like you’re doing a lot but actually not much is done? Or the scatterbrain effect where so many problems are happening at once and you struggle to fix them? Having scalable systems allows you to scale your results without having to deal with additional challenges.
In our agency we use the 4E Scalable Systems to optimize our clients’ video production systems to double or sometimes triple the number of creatives they produce, even without hiring any additional manpower.

The 4E Scaling Principles To Create 3X More High Quality Video Creatives Every Single Day

The 4E Scaling Principles stands for Effectiveness, Efficiency, Effortlessness, and Exponentiality.

The ABCs of Leading Your Org to Maximum Efficiency, Part 1 - Salesforce Blog


Systems are a great way of increasing output while maintaining quality, but one of the “traps” that I see many entrepreneurs fall into is they try to increase output but sacrifice on quality. They focus solely on tracking metrics like how many videos are the team producing or products they’re researching each day. While that is a good start, that’s not enough.

What about how well the videos performed? What was the clickthrough rate like? Is any particular team member producing killer video ads for a particular niche? Are we allocating him more of that niche’s products? Or are we still randomly allocating products from different niches?

Are we training our video editors by segmenting them into different niches to see who can generate the best clips for a particular niche? Is there a review session held consistently at the end of the week to see how the team can further improve their videos for upcoming launches? Can we automate any of the above processes by creating a system?

At our agency, effectiveness is not just about hitting a quota. Rather, it is whether the results from a system can help bring our client’s company closer to its goal. For our clients, we set in place a system that allows us to consistently and easily track these metrics.

From there, our team will help them to track these key metrics day in day out, analyze the results, make the appropriate changes, then finally see if the changes had an improvement on the results or not. We do this over and over until the system is hitting the desired results.

For some entrepreneurs, that means hitting 6 to 7 figures a month or increasing output by 2 to 3 times without increasing manpower, resources or additional cost. While this system and day-in/day-out tracking may sound tedious and time-consuming, it is what allowed many of our clients to double or triple their results within a couple of months.

Without all these metrics, you don’t have a clear and comprehensive picture of your system’s effectiveness and you don’t know which areas can be improved, which parts should be axed, who should be promoted or let go.

On the other hand, once you know which are the key areas to optimize, you can start tapping and unleashing each of your team member’s full potential. 1 member can start producing the work of 2 to 3 people. Just imagine the amount of money you can not only earn —  but all the extra net profit margins coming from a more utilized team.

Efficiency versus effectiveness: a media agency view | Opinions | Campaign  Asia


Efficiency is all about how you can achieve more with less — less money, less time, less manpower, less effort, and all of that in less time! An efficient video creative team is one that can create more videos in less time.

We’re going to share with you one of our favorite efficiency “hacks”. Whenever we implement this for our clients, we always see changes in their video creation output almost immediately.

When it comes to increasing the number of videos produced by the video editing team, what many dropshipping business owners do is to simply hire more video editors. Although that seems like the most obvious solution, it leads to problems like having to:

  • test the video editor to see if they’re the right fit
  • make sure that their values and culture are aligned with the company
  • spend hours training them and briefing them on the Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs and processes

That doesn’t sound efficient at all, doesn’t it? Along with that, hiring incurs more fixed cost. So, what’s an efficient way to increase your video production output without hiring new people?

Let’s talk about a real life case study from one of our clients.

At the initial stage, we used time tracker tools to track how many videos 2 of his video editors can produce with 8 hours of work. We then analyzed the result and noticed that one video editor was able to produce almost twice as much as the other. This resulted in the faster video editor only having to work 4 hours a day as compared to the slower video editor who needed 8 hours to complete his tasks.

However, our client was still paying each of them for 8 hours of work.

With this new finding, we reallocated and issued more tasks to the faster video editor. Video production immediately went up 50% with this one arrangement. We repeated this entire process across his video editing team and ended up 2X-ing his video production output without the need to hire additional manpower.

To build an efficient system, the first step is to find out where the additional, untapped resources are hiding. Then planning the best way to utilize and maximize them.


The Planning Game to overcome the risks of estimation of the effort and  costs of a project - Twproject: project management software, bug tracking,  time tracking, planning

A scalable video creatives system is one that is effortless to execute for all video editors — regardless of their years in the company. It doesn’t matter if they have been in the company for 1 to 2 years, or are new hires, they can all execute the system and produce good work with little questions asked.

So, how do you make your system effortless? By leveraging past data and your current team to build leverage or assets that new hires can use to get up to speed fast, and experienced team members can improve their skills with.

What you want to do is have a database of blank templates and past videos.

When your team is producing videos for each product, make it a MUST for them to keep a blank template. Blank templates are videos with all the video clips and content kept intact, but without the subtitles and copy. This blank template has two main functions:

  1. When you are scaling to another country, all you need to do is edit the finer details like the language and copy instead of having to start all over from scratch.
  2. When new hires first join the team, these blank templates help provide a better idea of what the company is expecting their videos to be like. And they can also reference from these templates and start producing work immediately.

Your blank templates database becomes a valuable resource which allows your team to reuse past assets when you are expanding to another country or store, and as a learning “crutch” for your new hires to get them up and going faster.

The more references and templates the new hires have, the better they can understand the company’s expectations, the faster they can start producing good quality work that can meet your expectations — and the more high quality video ads you have each day.

(Here’s a pro tip: For your database of past videos, you want to collect all your past winning AND losing videos.)

Remember: You want to collect both types, not just the winning ones. The winning videos help provide more clarity and inspiration for your team whenever they are stuck.

After a while, it is normal for video editors to get bored producing the same video styles over and over again, and some video styles start to convert less as time passes, when customers start seeing the same video styles everywhere and get immune to it.

So, having a collection of videos archived at one common area your team can review helps to spark new connections and video ideas — which is so important in helping your product stand out among all the other ads. Now, you also want to keep the videos to analyze what NOT to do.

This is because it’s equally important to know what to do more of, and what to axe completely. That’s why having proper systems is key to scaling a business to 7 figures. Without systems, projects like collecting past videos, setting SOPs in place to keep blank templates will be a chore.

With scalable systems, all these get integrated smoothly into the workflow of your business. And your team is able to do this day in and day out with little extra effort. In addition to that, the more you build up your company’s internal database or assets, the faster you can iterate and grow. (Plus, the easier it is to expand your team whenever you need)


For your systems to be able to grow with you, it has to have the exponentiality element to it. Meaning, your systems must be built to cater for growth.

Most dropshipper owners only build systems that cater to their current stage of their business. So, when they scale up, they find their systems breaking and they have to rebuild systems all over again —  every single time they grow.

System works >> Scales up >> Systems break >> Scale down/Slow down scaling to rebuild system… and on and on this cycle goes.

This is not only a waste of time, effort and some serious money, this constant “breaks” hold you back from smoothly scaling to 7 figures a month. It’s like driving a sports car and revving the engine to accelerate faster, but only to have to brake and slow down again because there is a roadblock ahead. 

Here’s one of the strategies we put in place for our clients to help their video creatives system grow as the business grows.

As we all know, producing new videos from scratch is not only time-consuming, it’s also a test of creativity for your team. Having to come up with fresh new ideas every day when you are scaling can lead to your team burning out.

So here’s what we do: Instead of producing entirely new videos from scratch, we have a system where video editors simply switch up the first 5-10 seconds of each video, aka, the “hook”. This works wonders because the hook is actually the main difference between each video.

The hook is where you get to test different marketing angles. Whereas the rest of the video is mostly on product information, which doesn’t change. Just by switching the hook, you would get close to the same impact as if you created entirely new videos

You can use the template below as a rough guide:

  • First 5-10 seconds: Hook + Introduce the new angle by showcasing the “problem” that the product solves.
  • Next 15 seconds: Using the product + benefits
  • Next 10 seconds: Features
  • Next 5 seconds: Call to action.

We’ve developed an SOP and process to ensure that for each video creative, there will be 5 different hooks (works like 5 new videos). Whenever there’s a winning video, we will double down on the winner by tweaking and optimizing different parts of the winner.

Remember, you need to have a SOP for creating different hooks, another SOP for optimization, and another SOP for scaling. By following our system, one of our clients was able to scale his video production to over 81 videos per day. 

Yes, that is not a typo. 81 videos per day.

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