Boniface Ogunti & Hadji Sall

Boniface Ogunti

Location: United Arab Emirates

Language: English

Generated over 7-figure with his Ecom store by 21. Broke Ecom records by doing over $400K sales in one month. An 8 figure entrepreneur, one of the top Instagram influencers in the business niche. 

Hadji Sall

Location: United Arab Emirates

Language: English

Hadji Sall helped clients generate over 7-figure in sales by the age of 23 using paid ads and funnels. In 11 months, he made over $1.1M in the course and software sales, loved by clients because of his super-simple method of explaining complicated strategies. He’s one of the leading experts in email marketing and funnels, also a leading expert in getting clients using organic methods and getting traffic without using FB ads.

                      About the Course

In the Accelerator Bundle,  two mentors will guide you on how to start a dropshipping store successfully. They teach their skills and strategies in detail to the new members. They have the Ecommerce Accelerator and the Client Accelerator available in this course.

1. The entire Accelerator Bundle Courses

2. Weekly Coaching Calls in Each Program

3. Facebook Mastermind Group

4. Business Care (Support and Tech help)

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