Esterling Accime - Founder of Protege Global E-commerce (PG-ecom)

Esterling Accime-Founder of Protege Global E-commerce (PG-ecom)

Esterling Accime

Location: Haiti

Language: English, Haitian

Esterling founded Protege Global E-commerce (PG-ecom), a skills training organization that creates content and courses around e-commerce. Courses are provided in Haitian Creole to help Haitians launch, create and manage successful online businesses. Esterling is also co-founder of Ecom Builder that helps customers start their e-commerce business with the right high-conversion creativity and assets.

Growing up in Haiti, Esterling has a passion for bringing technology to the country. He believes the future of Haiti’s technology landscape is promising if those with the experience and knowledge democratize access. To help connect Haitians with other technology professionals, Esterling co-founded tichaiti to collectively create solutions that uplift Haiti and the Haitian people.

                      About the Course

PG-Ecom 2021, has trained over 1.2k people in how to launch and manage successful online businesses.

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