Kfir Shapira - a veteran dropshipping expert will teach you everything he knows

Kfir Shapira – Co-founder of DSM Tool

Kfir Shapira

Location: Israel

Language: English

In 2016 Kfir co-founded DSM Tool, the eBay dropshipping software you are going to use in this course in order to start your own low-risk eBay dropshipping business. Kfir’s experience in eCommerce and digital marketing together with his experience in content building, teaching, and lecturing are all expressed in the course.

                      About the Course

No ads budget, no inventory budget. These are the most interesting aspects of dropshipping on eBay which is based on the concept of Online Arbitrage and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The complete course for eBay dropshipping for beginners is the most comprehensive guide on how to get start your own dropshipping store on eBay. It will take from A to Z throughout each one of the steps in the process. Setting up a store, finding what to sell, optimizing your listings to gain more organic traffic, processing orders, customer service, and more. And the best price? You get it for free when you subscribe to the dropshipping software DSM Tool.

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