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What NOT to Do When Creating Product Video Ads!

Hi all, I wanted to share with you a product video I did a few years ago and highlight some of my past mistakes so you can avoid them when creating your video ads in the future.

1) Do not make TV ads like it’s 2010. Flashy, beautiful images are no longer enough to hook people in. Quality is very much subjective especially on social media and just because you have some beautiful shots, it does not mean that your video will convert. Instead putting too much emphasis on the “quality”, put more time and energy into crafting a marketing message. In layman terms, spell out what your product does, who it is intended for, what problem it will solve and how it will improve the quality of the target audiences life.

2) Do not make video ads without typography. It’s the easies way to communicate your products message. Add text overlays on your footage to lay out exactly how your product will make your potential costumers lives better!

3) Do not put too much emphasis on the product features. Ok when it comes to hot sauce, this one probably doesn’t apply as there’s no other way for people to understand the taste, but since most people here are not shipping sauce, I think this one is really important. Instead of showing all the bells and whistles of your product, focus on showing how your product will increase the quality of your potential costumers lives! Your not just selling a teeth whitener, your selling a beautiful, seductive and sexy smile! People can care less how it works. They only want to know that it will make them more attractive!

4) Do not create ads without proper structure. This is probably the most important of all points. All highly engaging social media ads have at least these 5 elements, usually in this order: 1)Strong visual hook 2)Introducing the problem 3)Presenting the product as the solution 4)Showing the transformation i.e. the product makes someones life better! 5)Call to action.

5) And lastly, do not make your ads horizontal! This one is probably the most obvious but square and vertical ads almost always out perform anything else.

Hope these “How Not To Do’s” brought you guys a bit of value. I’ve learned a lot about creating FB & IG ads since. What are some of your worst-performing video ads? Please link below, I’d love to see them so we can all learn from each other’s mistakes.

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Are the shipping time of the below methods are respected or not?

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USPS: 10 to 20 days

Is it ok to use the above to ship jewelries?
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14 hours ago

Why CJ removed CNE post for UK ?
THis was soo fast post !
Please back it !

You should add new post chanels and instead that you removeing exist shipping methods !
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