Rajen Sikder - eBay dropshipping expert in Bangladesh

Rajen Sikder-eBay dropshipping expert in Bangladesh

Rajen Sikder

Location: Bangladesh

Language: Bangla

Rajen Sikder has been working on eBay for 3 years now and generate around 100k+ in revenue. Furthermore, eBay is a place where you can dropship with minimum effort from your side using Rajen’s methods. eBay Dropshipping is one the most profitable and easy to scale up the business. It does not require you to run expensive Facebook ads or pay for using Shopify and its apps. With little or no investment you can start a profitable business.


                       About the Course

Top dropshipping course in Bangladesh.

This course teaches you the basics of dropshipping business, the basics of market research, and dropshipping without investment.

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