Saad Ben-E-commerce expert & mentor

Saad Ben-E-commerce expert & mentor

Saad Ben


Language: French

Start from 0, Saad went through the world of blogging and affiliation, among other things, he launched into e-commerce in 2016.

Realizing extraordinary results very quickly, Saad is now celebrating an E-commerce Empire that has achieved more than 12 million turnovers through its stores since 2016.

Saad launches into coaching and support in 2018. Since then, more than 2,500 students have trusted him and have generated several million euros in cumulative turnover.


                       About the Course

ENFIN LIBRE program, the most comprehensive e-commerce program in French-speaking countries in 2021.

The only support and training program to become totally free through e-commerce. A 4-step educational method to create a store that generates at least €3,500 net/month in 6 weeks, without any particular skills, starting from 0 and from your home.

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