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Ebay Dropshipping Q&A – CJ Facebook Group Live Webinar with Akin Yilmaz

CJdropshipping had its third Facebook group live webinar on March 26th, 2021 with speaker Akin Yilmaz, the Founder & CEO of OKYANUSI, who is masted in eBay dropshipping and helped more than 10,000 students by sharing his experience and story. Zoey from CJ was the host of the event this time. The webinar was mainly focused […]

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Successful Case, from DropShipping to Branding — Shapermint

CJDropshipping is one of the first dropshipping supply companies in China and strives to provide an all-in-one solution for aspiring entrepreneurs. Initially starting as a jewelry manufacturer on and, CJ Dropshipping quickly grew to a multi-niche supplier for business around the world. We discovered the dropshipping business model when fulfilling orders for a particular […]

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Branding For Ecommerce

First impressions can make or break a sale. And as an entrepreneur you want to make sure that you are presenting your business optimally. Branding your store goes further than a simple logo, but also considers the core philosophy that your business portrays. There are several different criteria that you should be aware of when […]