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If you’ve been tired of negotiating for a lower price with a middleman or you are afraid of being cheated by bad suppliers because you are not able to follow up the production in person, then CJ Wholesale is just the perfect choice for you!


Why a Leadership Brand is a Must-Have

Why a Leadership Brand is a Must-Have The digital revolution has paved the way for life and career coaching and personal development businesses to thrive. Every aspiring leader must intentionally look for opportunities to help them discoveries their leadership and professional presence. In the leadership space, these are two of the most valuable resources you […]

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How to Brand Your Dropshipping Store in Easy Steps 2021

Building a brand is no longer a secret, whether you are dropshipping newbies or experts, especially when running independent stores. But how to make your brand stores shine out among others? How do convince customers to choose YOU, not other competitors? And how to attract long-term customers for sustained margins? This article separated it into four parts to help […]

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How to Build an eCommerce Brand–CJ’s First Facebook Free Live Video Training Follow Up

CJ had its first successful free live video training on CJ’s Facebook Group yesterday. Demi from CJ was the host and David Popovich, leader of the biggest eCommerce community in Israel, was the speaker. This training was mainly focused on niche and product finding, and eCommerce brand building. David kindly shared many valuable experiences with […]