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Why More Dropshippers Start with Independent Stores Instead of Marketplaces?

In July 2020, Walmart announced that it planned to close stores on Thanksgiving. So did Sam’s Club. We all know that the day after Thanksgiving is Crazy Black Friday. The COVID-19 pandemic has gotten in the way of the shopping fever festival but only in mortar-and-bricks stores, while more and more customers turned to the […]

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How to Use Automation to Help Your Dropshipping Business Strive in 2021?

Automated dropshipping? Does it exist?! Sure thing! Did you realize that we are basically surrounded by different kinds of automation nowadays? We get automated answers, emails, and sometimes calls, notifications, payments, invoices, etc. The digital era creates new opportunities to reduce time spent on doing certain routine tasks without losing productivity. Often, even multiplying it. […]

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How COVID-19 Changes Customer Buying Habits and Impact Dropshipping Business?

Since the Coronavirus pandemic struck, fear struck people, restricting them from going out. And rightfully so, who would want to risk their lives for shopping? People are starting to accept the digital world and its services. Services like e-gift cards see better sales as people prefer to do everything online. While some of the habits […]