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Quick Startup for Facebook Ads and Advertising Q&A – CJ Facebook Group Live Webinar with Ethan Dobbins

CJ has been holding live webinars regularly with different dropshipping mentors on CJ’s Facebook group. And on April 12th, CJ invited Ethan Dobbins, a serial entrepreneur and eCommerce expert who is proficient in teaching advertising methods, to be the mentor. Ethan carefully prepared a detailed PowerPoint, and it mainly covered a quick startup for Facebook […]

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Ebay Dropshipping Q&A – CJ Facebook Group Live Webinar with Akin Yilmaz

CJdropshipping had its third Facebook group live webinar on March 26th, 2021 with speaker Akin Yilmaz, the Founder & CEO of OKYANUSI, who is masted in eBay dropshipping and helped more than 10,000 students by sharing his experience and story. Zoey from CJ was the host of the event this time. The webinar was mainly focused […]