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How to do eBay Dropshipping 2021?——Dropshipping Training Live Stream EP.06 Review

eBay is the second biggest eCommerce platform in the world after Amazon. At the beginning of 2020, it counted 183 million users. Can it really be the best option for dropshipping beginners? On the 6thepisode of the training live stream on CJ’s Facebook Group, the 13th of May, we talked about how to do dropshipping on eBay […]


3 MUST DO’s to Successfully Automate Your Dropshipping Business

The difference between a 7-8 Figure dropshipper and a 5 figure dropshipper comes down to the daily tasks that they do.  5 figure dropshippers try to do everything themselves, from product research, to video editing, to media buying and in some extreme cases, even their customer service.  Whereas a 7-8 figure dropshipper works on finding […]