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How to Build an eCommerce Brand–CJ’s First Facebook Free Live Video Training Follow Up

CJ had its first successful free live video training on CJ’s Facebook Group yesterday. Demi from CJ was the host and David Popovich, leader of the biggest eCommerce community in Israel, was the speaker. This training was mainly focused on niche and product finding, and eCommerce brand building. David kindly shared many valuable experiences with […]

Beginner’s Handbook Print on Demand

How To Start A Print On Demand Business In 2021

For print on demand has many advantages, such as no minimum order quantities, no need to carry inventory, very little set up costs, you may want to start a print-on-demand business in 2021. And you may don’t know how to start a print-on-demand business. The following will introduce this and help you start a print-on-demand […]