Yash Shah - Facebook advertising & influencer marketing expert

Yash Shah-Facebook advertising & influencer marketing expert

Yash Shah

Location: India

Language: English, Gujuarati, Hindi

After working at multiple Fortune 500 companies and start-ups while finishing up his undergraduate years, Yash knew there was something else in store for him. After initially starting his first dropshipping business in early 2017, Yash immediately tapped into using Instagram Influencer Marketing as a main means of attaining sales for his store, and growing his social media pages. Since then, Yash has spent multiple seven-figures in advertising through Facebook Advertising & Influencer Marketing for his own businesses and for clients. He also runs and operates a successful digital marketing agency, StraightLine Media, which serves small and medium sized E-Commerce businesses. Passionate about educating others in the space, he also runs a successful and growing YouTube channel, and consults with aspiring and current E-Commerce entrepreneurs to guide them towards success.

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