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18 Hot Halloween Products Testing Report-Read This before You Sell

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Trick or treat! Howdy guys, welcome to our channel, I’m Demi from CJ Dropshipping. As Halloween is on the corner, many dropshippers are busily sourcing and testing Halloween products, if you haven’t do any preparation for the Halloween, it seems too late to do these works. But no worries, today I collected 18 hot Halloween products, and test all of them in one video, just watch this video before you sell these products!

See my cap? If you know the movie Maleficent, you must be very familiar with this look, yeah, today I am Maleficent. Maleficent is a very popular look in Halloween since the movie released, especially this cap, it’s super hot. This cap and this gown is not a set, I bought them from different suppliers, this cap is the match of this gown. But you see it’s very ridiculous, I do not even try it on. This one on my head seems much better. It is made of soft plastic, actually, the smell of it is not pleasant, some kind of pungent chemical smell. The seller said the smell will do no harm and will be much lighter the second day. I’m not sure, anyway, you will not wear it every day. But it’s better to keep it away from kids. But I am quite satisfied with this product, you can see it has a wow effect on my head, and not only on my head, my co-workers as well, it fits perfectly. I would love to thumbs up for this product.

As for this gown, I should say, I can hardly find a merit of it. It’s badly made, looks very cheap, and I even found a big hole in the front before putting it on. It is rumpled, and the effect is crude, you can only wear it in the dark evening. I will throw it right away after Halloween, it’s a disposable gown to me. But for this cap, I will keep it for the next costume party.

Freak out! Ha, it’s an LED Skull Mask. I quite love this mask, it looks horrible in the dark, and it also looks nice with the light off. And the design is great, there is a sponge pad inside, makes it more comfortable to wear. The elastic belt is adjustable, fits all head sizes. Here’s a clip on the controller, you can clip it to your pocket, and this controller is operated by two AA batteries.

Masks are a super hot sub-niche under the Halloween niche. I bet you may have seen this Scorpion Mask, it looks super cool on the ad images, I thought it would be a 100% winning product for Halloween. Guys, I couldn’t be more disappointed with what I got, it’s a 100% scam. It has nothing to do with the gorgeous product on the ad images. What the hell is it? A horrible elephant mask? Look at the back, extremely simple and crude, and the whole mask is badly made, smells terrible, I do not really want to try it on, it is a torture. Stay away from it, unless you have tested the product and got one same as it is in the ad images.

This Animal Skeleton Mask caught my eyes at the first sight, it’s new and has a wow effect on the face. And the mask I got didn’t let me down. It is made from resin, looks quite like a real skeleton. The texture is great. But it doesn’t fit my flat big face, I think it is designed for caucasian, who has a smaller and convex face. It fits well on one of my co-workers’ face, who is a caucasian. Anyway, it’s a super cool product with many variants.

The topic of the next part is about vampires and zombies.

To dress up like a vampire, you need to arm your teeth and ears, and get some fake blood to add effect. First, we got a pair of Elf Ears, it’s soft and elastic, feels like real skin, and it has no sell at all, it’s good. Now let me try on. Do you like it? I think it’s adorable, the effect is quite good, they fit my ears well, not easy to fall off, and I think these ears are not so dramatic, you can wear them as daily ornamentation if you like. Loving it.

Next is a pair of Vampire Dentures. It has a crystal case to store it. Well, I forgot to buy a dental glue, so I am not able to attach these dentures to my teeth, but I can put them on to show the effect, if you guys are selling or want to sell this product, do not forget to add the dental glue as a variant, or sell them in a set. Now let’s see how they work on the teeth. Not bad, quite like real canine teeth.

Now let me add something to get a more wow effect. Here are some Fake Blood Capsules. It was designed to be put in one’s mouth, bite it, then with the moisture of saliva, fake blood flow out of the mouth to make a frightening effect. It is said the powder inside is a mixture of starch and pigment, but I’m not sure if it is safe, so I dare not to try it in the month. So I got a small tray to hold it. Pour the powder on the tray, mix with some water, kind like doing a science experiment, then we got fake blood, then you can use it to make a frightening look.

And the fake blood goes perfectly with this Tricky Headband. Pretend you’ve attacked with a knife, you can wipe the fake blood here and there, then you will get a fantastic look, quite funny.

Then another product goes with the fake blood, Tattoo Stickers. Hundreds of patterns in a set, and here’s how it looks like on skin, looks interesting. And if you add some flour paste, and paint with fake blood, the scars will look more realistic.

Then here come the beverages for vampires-Blood Bags. Actually, they are beverage packs, if you are going to hold a party in Halloween, then can you find something fancier to serve beverage than blood bags? It has a sticker and a clip, you can mark the blood type, the guest name and age, a custom “blood bag” for your guest. Look at this clip, it is reusable, you can close it if you want to drink it later. It is just the same as it is in the ad images. Loving it.

The next part is about the Halloween home decorations.

Guess what is it? It’s a Footprints Bath Mat. It looks like a piece of one-side colored paper, but when you splash water on it, it will turn into red, like blood. It’s creative and interesting. It has a high perceived value and a decent profit margin. It’s only $7.54 with shipping cost included on CJ Dropshipping, but you can sell at a price higher than $30, very profitable product. 

Next are two kinds of wall stickers, one is Blood Footprints and one is bats. Let’s see how they look like on the wall. I think the bats look better, because they have a 3D effect. But nothing special, just stickers.

This is a ghost portrait, from some angles, you will see a weird portrait, seen from a different angle, they change to a frightening look, it looks scary. I think it’s a pretty good decoration for Halloween. And there are 16 pattern options, the total dropshipping price is only $7 on CJ Dropshipping with 6-15 days shipping time to the USA.

This product is one of the best sellers of the last year for Halloween decoration, it’s a plush spider. It’s how it looks like when your customers received, looks more like a bat I think. Once the legs unfold, it looks huge and scary, and when put on the wall, the effect is much better, quite like a real big spider, and looks scary. Most consumers bought them to decorate the outer wall, like this. The supplier has this product in 8 sizes, from 30cm to 200cm. This one is 60cm, and this one 150cm. And people will buy more than 1 piece of these, so you can make some special offers to increase the average order value.

Where there are spiders, there are cobwebs. Here come the cotton cobwebs. It looks far from cobwebs in the pack, but when you spread them out, pull larger and larger, you’ll see a wow effect. There are little spiders go with the cobwebs, and they also match the plush spider well. And I got 100g for it, I think it’s totally enough to decorate a big living room or a yard.

The last product about spider is these spider earrings. This product is a proven seller on Aliexpress, sold in many stores. As earrings, the quality is OK, it looks drama, and a little heavy. Let’s see how it looks on my ear. Emm, matches my look well, I think it’s not only for Halloween, but it also goes well with a daily cool look.

Ok, guys, that’s all for today’s video. Halloween is on 31st, October, only one month left. You may worry if it’s too late to start selling Halloween products. The good news is, now CJ has launched a fast line to the US, 7-13days to the US, and the processing time for most of these Halloween products is 2-3 days, some super hot products will proceed on the same day. So under normal conditions, these orders can arrive at your customers before Halloween if they are placed in these days. So it’s the last chance to sell Halloween products.

Anyway, if you like this video, just smash the like to help out with our channel, and do not forget to subscribe to us and stay tuned for more coming videos. Thanks so much for watching, see you soon at the next video.

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