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CJ’s Big Move in IP Enforcement

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CJdropshipping is having a detailed IP infringement inspection of all the product listings from suppliers on the CJ marketplace, and removing any potential IP infringement for a re-inspection.

As a top dropshipping platform, CJ connects the online retailers with the suppliers from China and the rest of the world by offering both parties a marketplace with hundreds of thousands of products from the full range of categories.

Due to innumerable product listings on the CJ marketplace and numerous unknown brands home and abroad, it is difficult to define IP infringement somehow. Therefore, we have to take down the listing of any potential IP infringement and reinspect.

If there are any products you are selling removed but you believe not IP infringement please contact your agents for a speedy solution.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t source any branded products from CJdropshipping anymore. If you want to sell or relist any branded product, CJ needs to check with the supplier if he has the brand licensing before we allow the product to be listed on the CJ marketplace.

How will IP infringement destroy your business?

Your dropshipping business will be impacted in many ways by selling IP infringement products.

  • Your Facebook ad account may get banned. IP infringement is not allowed according to Facebook’s ad policy. And once they found your violations, your Facebook ad account will be banned immediately.
  • Your parcel could be detailed at customs clearance. Most of the dropshipping parcels are shipped from China worldwide, and once the parcels containing IP infringement products are spot-checked, they will be detailed and destroyed. This will be an unpleasant shopping experience for the customer and leads to a disputing rate increase.
  • You’re losing business creditworthiness. If you are cheating your customers with fake products, you are losing customers. With no returned customers and low review ratings, your business is doomed to be short-lived.

What’s more, someone who intentionally requests sourcing fakes from CJ should bear legal liability. As a retailer, you may have more knowledge of the brands in your country. If you request sourcing from CJ of some brand products, you do need to remind us and check with your agent if they are actually from a real brand. A simple hint for you to tell real from fake is the price. If you think the price you get is much lower than it is please remind your agent to double-check.  

What are CJ’s efforts to avoid IP infringement?

1. CJ prevents IP infringement from sourcing

These are the notice boards with well-known brand logos CJ set in every corner of CJ offices and warehouses to raise the awareness of the whole team. More keywords of brands have been input into the IT robot system for the reference of the sourcing team in verifying the products from the suppliers. An alarm will be put on the supplier if the IP infringement is identified.

And warehouse staff are required to pay attention to the potential infringement product and prevent them from being put in storage.

These are logos of many famous international brands.

2. Regular training to educate new employees

CJ arranges regular training to educate new employees on the knowledge of IP infringement, and how to recognize, reject and remove IP infringement products.

3. Set rewards and punishments

CJ encourages employees to find and report any potential IP infringement on the CJ platform. And because there are tons of products in the CJ marketplace, and some brands are not easy to recognize, it is unlikely we find out all the brand copycats in short term. Thus if you find any potential IP infringement on the CJ platform, please report them to your agent or send an email to support@cjdropshipping.com to gain CJ coupons.

And CJ forbids and will punish the agents who facilitate retailers to source IP infringement products and claim to his/her legal liability.

4. Enlarge the IP enforcement team

To make the movements against infringement go more smoothly, CJ has to put more staff in the IP enforcement unit and take charge of the whole plan. The team will double-check all the new products to be uploaded to avoid IP infringement. This movement will not be a flash in the pan, CJ is going to carry through, and make CJ a better platform for retailers.

Final words

CJ is a marketplace for dropshippers or retailers to source and retail products, we aim to provide the best service for every CJ user. Thanks to the trust and support from all our CJ users, CJ is able to grow fast since 2018. Some of you have witnessed CJ grow from birth to teenager. We so appreciate it.

The challenge along the way for us has been huge as always. One of which is to avoid infringement. A lot of work has been done in the monitoring and restricting both by IT robots and manual work. But it is not enough due to the enormous numbers of products.

An IP infringement could kill our business easily. So we would like to advocate for all our CJ users here to work together.

Thank you for your support of CJdropshipping.


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