How to Check Shipping Times And Shipping Costs on CJ for Specific Products

How to Check Shipping Times And Shipping Costs on CJ for Specific Products

Shipping time and shipping cost are the most concerned topics for dropshippers. CJ’s shipping cost calculation tool will show you the available shipping options, estimated delivery time, and shipping cost with just a few clicks. You can do it by following the instruction in this video.

Three Ways to Find The Shipping Cost Calculation Tool

Method A: On the right upper corner of the homepage, you will find your account; go to tool– shipping cost calculation

Method B: On the right upper corner of the homepage, you will find “Our Services” with a little crown. Click the icon, then choose the fourth option-“Shipping.” Then it will show the shipping time and price option. Click it.

Method C: Scroll down the homepage. You will find a package tracking section after the recommended products section. Click the shipping cost and time

All three methods mentioned above will jump to the shipping cost calculation page.

Fill in The Necessary Information for The Shipping Cost Calculation

On the shipping cost calculation page, you will need to choose your platform, shipped from, shipped to, product’s attribute, and weight in order to process.

Then click calculate. It will show all the available shipping options with estimated delivery times and costs. Note: different attributes will affect the available shipping options. The estimated delivery time in the calculator doesn’t include processing time. You can refer to the processing time shown on each product page.

Oversize Products’ Shipping Calculation

From the above, we can see it’s not hard to identify ordinary the shipping rate of ordinary products. However, what if the product got special attributes?

For example, if the product’s attribute is oversize, the shipping company will charge the shipping fee by product size instead of weight. So in order to know the right shipping cost, you need to select the oversize option first. Then you must enter the product’s length, width and height, and all the other necessary information.

Then click calculate. It will show the available shipping options with oversize prices and estimated delivery times.

Note: You can refer to the product’s attribute shown on the product page. If you find the product size or weight information is incorrect, please do not hesitate to contact our online customer service.

Still, every order will have variations on the specific weight and what we can show you is just an estimated shipping fee according to system calculation.

Actual shipping costs can only be determined after the order is placed and dispatched. So it’s always good to place some sample orders before bulk purchase.

That’s all about how to check shipping times and shipping costs on CJ. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.   

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