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What to Sell in Dec.? Top 100 Bestsellers & Big Gainers on CJdropshipping

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Here’s the list of the top 100 best sellers on CJ Dropshipping in Nov., ranked by growth. From the list, we can see the product names and their orders and growth. Some had sharp growth, but some got negative growth. And many niches got good sales in the previous month, I marked the same niche with the same color, so you can see the table in a much clear way.

Pet supplies and bracelets have been on the top seller list for a long time. They are some kind of “evergreen” niches. As the shipping fees going up since the high season, shipping fees take a large part of the costs.

Under this circumstance, it is a good idea to dropship light-weighted things with high perceived value, fashion jewelry like bracelets are a nice choice. And they get high demands in Q4 as they are good gift ideas.

Custom Kids’ Drawing Necklace

This custom kids’ drawing necklace ranked #68 top sellers the previous month on CJdropshipping, it’s a customized product. Actually, you can customize the necklace, keychain, and bracelet. Three color options, silver, gold, and rose gold.

The shipping only set you back $1.96, the total dropshipping price is only $6.85, you can definitely make a decent profit margin by selling this product. But the processing will take a longer time than common products because they are customized.

Mask Bracket

As the second wave of the pandemic came, the demand for mask accessories increased obviously. Many platforms banned mask selling, and medical masks were no longer hot sellers for dropshipping as the supply of masks had met the demand. Masks, no. But mask accessories? Yes!

This mask bracket ranked #1 on the bestseller list of the previous month. Also, it got the most growth. Let’s check the product page for more information. It’s a bracelet to support a mask so you can breathe smoothly and it can also protect your makeup.

It is disposable, the product price is very cheap, but the shipping fee costs much more, so sellers sell this product in a pack to increase the profit margin. Here we also got many preset quantity options to list.

Christmas Products

As for Christmas-related products, they got not bad sales in November. But for Dec., I think they are not a good choice, you should consider processing and delivery time, they will easily get delays. These seasonal products will get no sales after Christmas. This snowflake shape wrench got great sales the last winter, and they were gone as winter ended. You can sell it as long as the area you are selling to is snowy.

Kids Toy

Kids toys had a very good performance since the Q4. In the previous month, there are 12 kids toy products on the top 100 bestseller list, two months ago, the number was 7, the high demand for kids toys will continue in December. In the previous month, 8 toys got impressive growth, I would like to recommend 1 product that will be promising in the coming month—the expression puzzle building blocks.

It is easy to market, you can push your ad to parents with kids older than 2 or 3 years old. It got 22 inventory in the US warehouse, the delivery takes 2-5 days by USPS+, and processing takes extra 1-2 days.

The inventory is low, but you can buy a private inventory at the CJ US warehouse to make sure your customers can get the product in one week. And now only 97 sellers are listing this product to their stores, so you can sell this product right now before it gets too competitive.

LED Lights

LED lights are also a promising niche in Q4. There are 8 lights on the top 100 seller list the previous month. This lantern lamp ranked No. 6 on the top seller list, got 5683 orders, increased by 2902 orders. It’s portable, creative multi-use. A very useful product with a wow effect. For the moment, there are only 86 CJ users listing it to their stores.

Warm Wears

As the weather gets colder and colder, there’s a new niche got an impressive increasing sales in the previous month—the warm wears. There were 4 warm wears made a success in Nov., they were warm outdoor shoes, 3 in 1 knitted hat, outdoor waterproof gloves, and a plush blanket hoodie.

This 3 in 1 knitted hat got 1000+k orders in the previous month. There are 6 color options for the product, and a variation for kids, also gets 6 colors. The total dropshipping price for this product is only $9.17, $8.02 for the kid’s variation. Shipping takes 8-16 days to the US by CJPacket Ordinary, and processing takes extra 1-3 days, so your customers are going to get the product in 9-19 days. Now there are only 95 sellers listing this product to their stores. 


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