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How to Choose The Right Shipping Method for Your Store?

It’s important to choose the right shipping method for your store. And it’s a first-impression indicator of what type of service you’re equipped to deliver to your customers. The most of time, store owners need to choose the shipping method that can offer them the best deal which not only includes cost but also involves […]

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How to do dropshipping business easier with CJ plan 2022?

In this article, we talk about the exciting opportunity and challenges dropshippers may come across in 2022, as well as suggestions about how to do dropshipping easily this year featuring a brand new CJ plan.

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How to Find Winning Products from Facebook Ads

This post is the script of the following video on our YouTube Channel, you can copy and paste it on Google Translate to translate the script into the language you need.   If you wish to check some winning products recommendation, you can also check our What to Sell section to get some ideas. Hey guys, […]

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Top 14 Best Dropshipping Ecommerce Platforms

To run a dropshipping business, you don’t need to rent a storefront to display and store your goods, but usually, you need a platform to build up your online store, and import products from suppliers. The following will focus on the 9 main platforms, and will hopefully give you more insight into which one may […]

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What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model where a Retailer never fulfills orders manually and instead tasks a Supplier to ship products on their behalf.

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Why Sometimes CJ Dropshipping Processing Time is Too Long?

What leads to a long processing time? If you have been working with CJ before, you will know CJ Dropshipping does not manufacture those products, so we purchase them from suppliers. For some hot products, CJ will pre-stock inventories. However, there is numerous merchandise in the market, so CJ cannot pre-stock all of them. So […]

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What to Sell on Mother’s Day? 10 Winning Product Ideas with Top Suppliers 2022

The findings of buyer reasearch also approve this point – over 40% respondents think that a unique and different gift that creates special memory is the most important. Thus jewelry has no doubt to be one of the best choices.

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eBay Plans to Launch its First Digital Payment Wallet? Twitter is Expanding its Social eCommerce Business with Twitter Shops | Weekly News

eCommerce News Weekly Update Vol 39. This week we prepared five eCommerce news for you to catch up with. US children’s clothing market recovers as sports fashion becomes a hot trend As vaccination rates increase and schools reopen to offline teaching and extracurricular activities. The US children’s apparel market is set for a resurgence. “The […]

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Global supply chain pressures ease in February! Annual sales of office supplies in the US reach $14.5 billion | Weekly eCommerce News

As the impact of the epidemic slowly subsides, Etsy is looking to further increase revenue on the platform, in addition to continuing to attract buyers’ interest in shopping.

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10 Best Trending Dropshipping Products to Sell in March

Here we collect 10 trending products on TikTok and Facebook lately and some super cool dropshipping product ideas for March sales in 2022. Join our FB group and Follow us on Youtube to receive more fresh recommendations about winning products. Magic Paw Cleaner It is a mug-shape cleaner and you put water and maybe some […]